Tuesday, January 8, 2013

21 Week Bathroom Pic

In hindsight, that title sounds a little gross.  But you know what I mean.

I've resorted to taking pictures of myself in the bathroom at work.  It is partially because I go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME (actually it isn't that bad) and mostly because I find about 100 excuses to not do the fancy pictures at home and then all of a sudden it's been a month and I don't have a pregnancy picture.  Thank goodness for instagram.

I have night meetings all week.  It is going to make this week FLY by.  I kind of love being so busy you can't think about stuff sometimes.  I thrive on being busy.  It also means I have to dress nice every day.  This won't be one of those weeks where I put on some yoga pants and pretend like they can pass as leggings or dress pants.  There's always next week.

And I've got a thing for scarves right now.  But I can't wrap them around my neck.  I still don't think things around my neck, even though my neck scar is practically invisible according to these pictures.  It's still there, I promise.

Here are some pregnancy related updates at 21 weeks:

-  Baby boy is moving around LIKE CRAZY, but he tends to stop a little when Phil puts his hand on my stomach.  It's just bad timing, that's all.

-  We started our baby registries this weekend.  It's a little overwhelming to think of all the crap they make for babies.  I'm aware we need like none of it.  Especially since the stuff our clinic sent us suggested we could keep the baby in a drawer or a cardboard box for the first few weeks.  Like he's a litter of kittens or something.  Needless to say, we don't plan on doing that.

-  My propensity to retain water is even worse now that I'm pregnant.  I truly believe this is related to thyroid hormones, although I have no proof to back this up.  But I have found that if I drink 2+ liters of water, I don't feel like such a fatty.  So that's my new goal.  So far, so good.

-  Phil's not a huge fan of the new inhabitant in our bed... the body pillow.  I'm not sure I am either so far.  When it's in the middle of the bed, it is literally a fortress between Phil and I.

-  Honestly, I don't have many pregnancy complaints right now.  I wish I could work out more and with more intensity.  Everyone is so motivated right now and I want to join in on the fun.  It's more my work schedule that is holding me back right now.


  1. Really cute picture, especially for a bathroom shot! Amen about the body pillow, they are just TOO big, mine gets the boot every so often!

  2. You look absolutely stunning and it doesn't matter where you take your pics, just that you take them. Otherwise you'll regret it later on. And don't you just love when they move and then stop when daddy comes along, so funny!

    Pregnancy suits you!

  3. You look fantastic!!! I hope you feel as good as you look!!!

  4. So so cute! And your hair looks great.

    That is hilarious that the clinic sent home stuff saying that! the first three or so months of my life I lived in a dresser drawer...my mom saw no need to get a bassinet! And this makes me sound old, like I grew up back in the day, but I'm only 21!

  5. 1. How do you get your bangs to lay so perfectly? Teach me your ways please!
    2. Our little gal used to stop moving whenever Ben would put his hand on my tummy. They make a liar out of you, don’t they? Now though she goes so crazy that he can’t believe it.
    3. Oh, the body pillow! I used mine during the second trimester, but then it got the boot and I just put a little pillow between my knees on some nights.

    Btw, you look great! That bump is lookin’ adorable on ya!

  6. you look so cute! that's too funny about the dresser drawer/box suggestion!

  7. Cute! :) I love your iPhone case! Also, LOL at the body pillow fortress...I can see why that would be a problem. :P


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