Monday, January 28, 2013

To Do List

So after my mid week freak out last week, I decided the best way to deal with my mounting anxiety (can we say nesting?) was to make a list of everything we needed to get done and talk it over with Phil.

Phil agreed.  He'd much rather help solve the problem than deal with a frantic, irrational pregnant woman.

Saturday morning, we went out for a coffee date.

We split the cinnamon roll and my coffee was decaf.  No worries.  I do miss caffeine.

And we made the nursery to-do list.

Now I know you can't see the entire list in that picture.  Just know this... it's LONG.  And most of the stuff on the list, I have to do (unless Phil suddenly learns how to sew which I don't see happening).

But the good news is that I realized most of my projects won't actually take as long as I had inflated in my mind.  And that is good news because I kind of want to get the nursery done before March 9th (the date of my baby shower!).

We have a list and we have a plan!  Now if you need me, I'll be holed up at my sewing table and going through crap stuff in the nursery.  And don't be surprised if most of my posts are centered around craft pictures and the amount of crap stuff we are getting rid of.


  1. Even though I am 7ish weeks behind you I have also already started the massive to-do lists and we have cleared out SOOOOO much stuff. It is amazing how much room you need to clear out for a baby so tiny! We got rid of 2 huge pieces of furniture PLUS 2 SUV loads of stuff to goodwill and still have things to either super-organize or discard. Are you sewing all of the bedding and everything? Depending if we have a boy or girl I, with lots of my Mom's help/instruction, will be doing the same thing. Can't wait to see the progress!

  2. I just made my to-do list today too...and most of it is craft projects lol.

  3. Lists are sometimes my only way of coping with stress. Like the fact that my coworker is unexpectedly out for the rest of the week and I am basically doing two jobs. I have one hell of a list going on today.

  4. Oooh, I love craft posts! So excited!


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