Monday, January 21, 2013

Good News

I already had written and scheduled for last week when all of a sudden I was inspired with like 3 or 4 or 5 blog posts all at once.  So I had to decide which posts went up first and all that jazz.  Difficult choices, I know.

But one I think DEFINITELY wanted to post about was some of the GREAT news we got last week.

So even though I finished my thyroid cancer surgeries and treatment and whole-body scan, my time at the doctor's office is not over.  Every 6 months for a while, I'll have neck ultrasounds and blood work done to make sure I don't have any thyroid cells (or in my case thyroid cancer cells) that have come back.  It is especially important since the type of cancer I have/had has a 30% recurrence rate.

My first set of test came last summer, right after I switched endocrinologists.  My blood test was fine, but my neck ultrasound showed some enlarged lymph nodes that had to be investigated further.

It was an extremely scary and anxious time for me.  I didn't really enjoy having to have more tests and wait even longer to be told everything was alright.

But I did find out that everything was alright.  And I was sent on my way for the next 6 months.

That meant I had my next set of tests done in December and my follow-up appointment with my doctor was last week.

He confirmed that my ultrasound and blood tests came back great.  Undetectable levels of thyroglobulin and undetectable levels of thyroglobulin antibodies.  My neck ultrasound was clear.  As of right now, no sign of cancer.

Phil and I decided we needed to celebrate.  And since I can't currently enjoy a glass of champagne, that meant pizza and a cookie.

It was a very nice little celebration.  And we look forward to many, many more in the future.  :)


  1. Congratulations! That is SUCH great news, and definitely worth celebrating! I hope future scans are just as exciting :)


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