Tuesday, May 14, 2013

39.5 weeks

I'm feeling especially brave today.  I must be feeling brave to post this picture:

{Hello swollen fingers and wrists.  And yes... 
it takes a lot of focus to take a picture sometimes.}

It's either that or I have just stopped caring.  Plus the phone is strategically placed in front of my ever-swelling face so that helps. (SIDE NOTE: I had 2 pictures up and deleted one of them so obviously my bravery is failing fast.)

And I needed to put up the pictures before my doctor's appointment this afternoon.  If I get more great news like I did last week, I'll probably be curled up in a ball crying tonight.  :)  At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if my child had constructed a steel gate at my cervix so he doesn't have to come out.  I mean, I've always prided myself on being a good hostess, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

I was feeling fairly discouraged this weekend because I did absolutely NOTHING that could be considered nesting.  I sat and napped and made mental lists of all of the things I should be doing, everything that needed to be done before we had a baby and had a bunch of people coming over to our house.  But I have ZERO motivation to actually get any of it done.  And I've heard that women usually get a big surge of nesting right before they go into labor, so I had come to the following conclusion:

no nesting = no baby


But there is a glimmer of hope.  Last night I organized the DVDs, dusted, and folded laundry.  Then I woke up this morning and decided that I HAD to clean the bathroom before I got in the shower.

So even if I am not nesting, at least my bathroom is sparkling.


  1. The offer still stands if you want me to come over and pour shots of castor oil for you. I know I said I'd drink them with you but that offer no longer stands.

  2. You look absolutely great!! I never really nested either, it's ok. That little baby will be here before you know it! :)

  3. Hang in there! Hoping that baby makes a safe arrival SOON!

  4. Sounds like nesting to me--cleaning, organizing, to-do lists, sleeping...I'd say Baby is coming someday soon :) We'll meet these little babes sooner than later!

  5. Lol if it makes you feel any better, I was due yesterday and still have had no sign of anything. Although I did rip apart my closet and [optimistically] put all of my pre-prego clothes back in there and organized everything, so if nesting is a sign that babies are coming soon, then I think you and I are both about to have little ones! Good luck at your doc appt!

  6. OMG LOOK AT YOUR BABY BUMP!!! You are such a cute prego lady. That bump is right out in front, and you look so tiny everywhere else! Tell my unofficial nephew to come out soon so we can hang out. I can't wait to meet him!

  7. You are adorable! And you're carrying SO high!!! Plus, I know you say you're swollen, but you don't look it. And if it makes you feel any better, my cousin was the most swollen preggo I've ever seen from her feet to her ankles and her body completely deswelled within 24 hours after she had her baby. So good news there!

    And that sounds like nesting to me! Could be any day now! Have you set an induction date just in case? We did that at my 39 week appt. :o)

    Oh, and one more thing, HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  8. You look fantastic!!! That baby needs to drop lol!!! Good luck!!!


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