Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010/2011 and Faith

In a convoluted way, I found THIS POST. It really got me thinking...

2010 has been quite the year, full of ups and downs. There were definitely more ups than downs for me personally and I am ever so grateful for that. I know not everyone can say the same thing. But it has really gotten me thinking about things and that post definitely had something to do with it.

In general, I find New Years to be really depressing. It could be that I haven't really had a steller one probably ever. After a couple of crappy ones in a row, I kind of gave up on the concept of New Year's Eve. I pretty much lay low now.

But I find the idea of a blank slate to be kind of scary. The unknown of an entire year. So much can happen in a year, both good and bad. The good I can handle. The bad terrfies me. I wish I could be the type of person that found the prospect of a new year to be an exciting thing, but lately I am not that kind of a person.

Lately I have realized how much I struggle with faith (not just my mother-in-law). I have always been a Christian and I have never doubted my beliefs in Christ. Even through dating an avid aetheist, I never once doubted God. In fact, dating an aetheist only enforced my beliefs (turns out having someone question your every belief can be an awesome way to affirm them). I struggle mostly with trusting God and having faith that he will provide.

On a day when I am feeling rational, I don't struggle so much. On those days, I know that my lack of faith in God providing for me is entirely rooted in the fact that I take all that he has provided to me for granted.

On my less rational days, I think of all of the people who have bad things happen to them. I think of statistics. Obviously the odds of having a tragedy happen to your family are slim, but tragedies DO happen to people. On my less rational days, I fear being that small percentage. And it terrifies me. I have felt this way for a long time and I know it is something I need to work on.

Today, I read this quote:

So that is what I am going to do. I need to accept that I am going to have irrational days and I am going to be afraid. But I need to trust God, have faith, and live in spite of all of the horrible things that can happen.

And even though most people think New Year's resolutions are dumb, I think I am going to try and set some. But I am going to do it with Donald Miller's rules. I am going to set resolutions that help enhance my life story. I am a couple of days behind, but I am definitely going to do it.

Stay posted...

Love, Mrs. Janney

Thursday, December 23, 2010

8 legs and Elvis

Totally random story here...

Last Saturday, Phil and I were having breakfast at home. We glanced out our front window and notices our neighbors across the street had quite the crowd gathered in their garage around a stack of coolers. A couple of seconds later, one of them reaches into the cooler and pulls out an octopus.

Then they cut off some tentacles and threw it in a turkey fryer.

You just don't see that kind of thing everyday.

And a random fact, Elvis was a twin. His twin brother was born 35 minutes before him stillborn. You learn some amazing stuff from Vince Vaughn movies. Four Christmases is awesome for many many reasons. (especially the taboo game scene)

Love, Mrs. Janney

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Our laundry isn't folded.

The house needs to be vacuumed.

The bathroom could stand to be organized a bit.

I haven't done any Christmas shopping.

Or Christmas decorating.

We had sandwiches for dinner.

I haven't worked on any baby hats since Saturday.


But I am pretty relaxed. :)

Drinking chocolate, 16 and Pregnant, a great book that is getting really good, and my bed.


Love, Mrs. Janney

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Livers are important! Prayers Requested

Not sure if I have mentioned this in the past, but Phil's family had quite the family emergency in the beginning of August. Pretty sure I have mentioned this. Time for an update I guess...

Phil's dad's liver started bleeding one night in August. After being rushed to the hospital and life-flighted to another hospital, we found out he has Liver Cancer (heptacellular carcinoma to be more precise). They removed about 40% of his liver to get rid of the tumor. The treatment plan has basically been to wait and see if it comes back. The liver doesn't really take chemotherapy very well so it can be more harmful than helpful sometimes.

He went back in for a MRI before Thanksgiving to see if he had any new tumors (a sign of how aggressive the cancer really is). They found another tumor, but it is a tumor he already had that they missed the first time around. The plan of action was to go and cut off the blood supply to the tumor to kill it that way. That was supposed to happen A couple weeks ago. During the procedure, they found for some reason that they couldn't totally cut off the blood supply to the tumor, so plan B was to cut off as much blood supply as possible and use some chemotherapy directly on the tumor. So that is kind of where things are. He is just trying to heal from that procedure and deal with some of the lovely side effects of chemotherapy. I don't think they are as bad as full chemotherapy like some people have to have, but it definitely isn't a walk in the park either.

We are so thankful that Phil's dad is even still alive. I mean, if things had gone even a little bit differently in August, he probably wouldn't be here anymore. It is just another reminder of how much your life can change in a matter of seconds. I honestly think Phil's brother, who died in a car accident almost 4 years ago, was up in heaven, keeping his dad safe. Not everyone may believe that but come have a conversation with my about my sister and 2 oldest nephews and you might understand why I believe in gaurdian angels.

Anyway, we are heading back there for Christmas with Phil's family. Historically, his parents and I haven't gotten along that well. I don't know why. I'm as charming as a kitten. :) I honestly wonder sometimes if it isn't a geographical miscommunication or something.

So... Here is a list of prayers I am requesting:

- For the healing of Phil's dad.

- That is procedure and the chemotherapy work together to get rid of his liver tumor.

- No more liver tumors.

- Good guidance and knowledge for the team of doctors working on Phil's dad.

- Patience and comfort for Phil's mom. Between losing one son in a car accident and the other son to me, I think she might think the worst sometimes.

- Comfort for Phil.

- And finally, patience and understanding for me.

Thank you for the prayers! I hope everyone has safe travels for the holidays!

Love, Mrs. Janney

Friday, December 10, 2010

Egg Sammich

These little guys belong to my brother and they LOVE egg salad sandwiches.

Especially the little guy, David. He is a funny kid. I am actually pretty surprised either of the boys like egg salad because it isn't something I usually think of when I think of kid food. Peanut Butter and Jelly, yes. Cheetos, yes. Fish Sticks, yes. Egg Salad, no. You can ask him any day what he is having for lunch and he will say, "Egg Sammich." Even if it isn't true, it is his wishful thinking. His daycare teacher told Stephanie, David's mom, that he would eat his entire lunch everday if she sent him and egg salad sandwich. Obviously Stephanie isn't going to send him an egg salad sandwich everyday. That's a lot of eggs for a little guy.

Since Phil was going to be at the Blazer game last night and I was planning on going to the gym, I decided to make some Egg Salad so I could have a quick, non-cereal dinner when I got home. I had never made Egg Salad before, but decided to make it like Deviled Eggs and it turned out SO YUMMY! I used 6 eggs and between Phil and I, it is already gone.

I had it for dinner last night and for my lunch today. And it brought an extra smile to my face thinking of this guy...

My "Egg Sammich" was yummy. Can't wait to see these boys again. :)

Love, Mrs. Janney

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hair Salon Harrassment

Since the holidays are rapidly approaching and because we will be in Virginia around the holidays, I decided I needed to head to the salon for a little hairstyle maintenance. There is a high liklihood that I will be meeting quite a few people from Phil's past and I want to look my best. Not to mention, I haven't had my hair done since before the wedding in May (that's seven months people), so it was definitely due.

I lucked out and my hair stylist had an opening for today so I snatched it up. The stylist works in a little shop with just a few other technicians. When my appointment started, the two other stylists were free but their appointments came in during my appointment. So there I am sitting, having a delightful conversation with my stylist about our dogs, when a women getting her hair done (we will call her Crazy Lady for the purposes of this story) starts talking about the Oregon Ducks.

Disclaimer #1:
I am usually not a huge fan of Duck fans. My days on the OSU dance team and encounters with Duck fans has left me with a bit of distain for Duck fans.

Being that I was in public and not sure about the feelings of those around me, I decided to not say anything about Crazy Lady's loud boistering about the Ducks. That is, until she mentioned that she lives in Corvallis and then began talking about how rude Beaver fans and those from Oregon State are.

Disclaimer #2:
I believe when you are discussing your Alma Mater, you have the right to be protective. I have very little problem with Duck fans who actually attended the University of Oregon because you should be proud of the school that you have put money into and from which you received an education. Because I have a bachelors and a masters from Oregon State and since my husband is getting his doctorate from Oregon State, I feel I am justified in my protection of OSU.

Once she began talking about how rude people who go/went to Oregon State are and which is the better school, blah, blah, blah, I decided to speak up. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Did you actually go to U of O?"

Crazy Lady: "No, but my son did."

Me: "Just so you know, I have 2 degrees from Oregon State and my husband is attends OSU."

(Without skipping a beat)
Crazy Lady: "I bet you're a Republican too."

Me: Bewildered... "Yes I am."

Crazy Lady: "I knew it! I can tell just by looking at you."

I then changed the subject and continued talking with my stylist. She continued by bashing all Republicans and blaming them (me) for the current state of the nation. Last time I checked, Crazy Lady, we have a DEMOCRAT for a president AND because of the Electoral College and the fact that I live in Oregon, my individual Republican vote has not accomplished anything since I have been able to vote. Pretty sure the Govenor, the President, both Senators, and all the Representatives from Oregon are DEMOCRATS. So absolutely NONE of the nation's current problems are my fault.

I am not sure if it is because I am wearing red today or what but apparently, I SCREAM Republican. I didn't realize it was so obvious. I tried to shove my piles of money back into my pockets but I most of forgot a few bills.

I meant to tell her before she left that I hated the environment and loved guns or something before she left, but I didn't have the opportunity. She snuck out while I was under the dryer.

The salon staff and I all had a laugh after she left. The U of O stuff wasn't such a big deal. The Republican comment was kind of strange. The whole thing made for an interesting morning at the salon.

My hair looks great. :)

Love, Mrs. Janney

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Recipes

I just realized tonight that I now know how to make recipes from both of Phil's grandmothers!

I can make deviled eggs the way his Grandma Janney made them. I learned from his Aunt Betty. Phil tells me they are pretty dang good. I have only made them twice but I plan to make them for our office Christmas potlucks.

Over Thanksgiving I learned how to make Coconut Cake the way Phil's Grandma Bloodworth used to make it. Phil's Uncle Van showed me (in actuality I stood in the kitchen and asked Uncle Van a ton of questions to learn how to make it. He obliged and didn't seem annoyed by me which is good). It was SO GOOD and I don't even really like dried coconut but I loved the cake. I am going to make it for my family's Christmas celebration.

I think this should earn me awesome wife points. And it is pretty much the only Southern cooking I can say I know how to do.

And I have to just put it out there... I can't tell you how to make either recipe. Family secret. ;)

Love, Mrs. Janney

Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday was our semi-anniversary. It totally DOES feel like we have been married 6 months, but in a good way. :). I have such a wonderful husband he totally gets me. We have had so much happen this year, it is nuts. December will probably also be a hectic month so we are hoping for a calm 2011.

We spent the evening helping to decorate my parents Christmas tree (since I am not putting one up this year), watching "It's a Wonderful Life," and drinking hot cider. It was great.

Then I came home and my migraine came back which kind of put a damper on most of my day today. Thankfully, the migraine subsided and I had an awesome evening with the husband: dinner, movies, and making hats for babies. :)

The hat count is now up to 10! I am so excited. And I heard from a friend who is a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit that they definitely use the hats which just motivated me even more to make them (Thank you Jessica!). Here are the latest additions:

This last hat is probably my favorite. I think it is too big for a preemie. And the craftsmanship isn't very good. There are definitely some areas that need work. But this was the hardest hat i have done so far. You had to count the entire time and it turns out I kind of suck at counting while doing something else (i.e. crocheting). But still... I think I will be making more of those.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be a super productive day at work. :) I feel good about it.

Good Night!

Love, Mrs. Janney

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

More hats!

I have finished a few more hats. They are so cute! I think once I get over ten or maybe more like twenty hats, I will starts trying to figure out where to give these hats away to. Hopefully someone will want them.

Here is a picture of the latest hats:

It is crazy to me how the same pattern can give such different looking hats with just a couple of changes. I think I will add a little bow to the pink and white hat.

Yeah. That is cute.

The other night I started working on a slightly harder hat that will hopefully be super cute. I haven't finished that yet. Just a little more left on that one.

On a personal note, I think I have the best husband in the world. Last night I came home to find our wreath on our door and all of my Christmas candles out! He knew I was kind of in a funk about Christmas, so he did it to try to cheer me up. :)

Then he took me out for drinks, dinner and to see Burlesque which I am pretty sure was the last movie he ever wanted to see. Definite husband points earned for that gut. :)

And since today is the Civil War game, I will end by saying...


Love, Mrs. Janney

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Hat DONE!!

The Little Hat Project is under way!! I finished my first hat last night!! I am so excited. It probably isn't the best hat ever. It could be much prettier I think, but for a first attempt I think it is pretty good.

The hat looks SO TINY! The pattern I used for it says it can fit a newborn, but I don't know that I would really be able to tell. I need a newborn to try this out on. Nobody I know has a newborn right now! I am pretty sure everyone and their dog is pregnant, but no new babies right now. Braxton is too big now to use his head.

I don't know if I will have time to make another hat tonight, but I am hoping to whip some out this weekend. :)


Love, Mrs. Janney

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Project Name and Christmas Spirit

I have gotten some awesome response regarding my name project. One of my aunts wants to make some hats too! Another of my friends is thinking of bringing her knitting needles out of retirement to try some as well. I think this is great! I am so excited about this, I am feverishly trying to finish my other couple of projects so I can get to work on some hats. :)

I think I have a name for the project...

The Little Hat Project

It's not a giant leap obviously, but I thought it was cute. I have no idea if this name is already used by someone, so if it is, I apologize. And I'm just using the name for purposes of this blog, not like a business or anything. I did a Google search really quick and nothing popped up, so hopefully I am good. :)

Phil and I are out of some essential home items (i.e. contact solution, soap, etc.) so we are headed to the Keizer Station Target tonight to replenish some supplies. Since Michael's just HAPPENS to be right next to it, we will then be heading over there so I can get my supplies for the HATS!!! I am so excited.

I feel like this project has come at just the right time for me. I will explain...

When Phil and I got married, we were pretty sure we were going to split up where we went on the holidays pretty well: Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas at home. This made the most sense because when we eventually have a family, we will not be uprooting our children on Christmas. So we figured, we might as well start this now that we are married.

In August, Phil's dad had a HUGE medical emergency (I think that is the best way to describe). Long story short, we found out through a catastrophic health event (internal bleeding) that he had Liver Cancer. When this whole thing happened, I put Phil on a plane and sent him back to be with his family for a week. I have zero regrets about this. If it were my dad, I would have been on the first available flight.

During this time, Phil found out that his dad really didn't like this idea. He likes his Christmas Eve traditions and everything. Me, being such a Daddy's Girl, I decided that we should go back to Virginia for Christmas this year. Phil's dad will get his traditions and his family can just be together after a kind of bumpy and stressful few months. Aren't I just an awesome wife?

I knew this would creat a kind of challenge for me this year. Ah... the joys of marriage and compromise. :) But Phil is totally worth it. But between the test and getting sick and travelling for Thanksgiving, we haven't been working out much and I am just wiped out. It is kind of taking away from my Christmas Spirit. I just don't have the energy or desire to really Christmas shop or decorate the house for Christmas. Last year we went all out. But this year, our first married Christmas, and I don't want to do anything. I haven't even gotten the Christmas candles out.

Anyway, I am just so thankful for this project. I think it is going to help keep my spirits up while I struggle with a little bit of a funk. I need to get back to working out because I know that will help. And I need to get this project started.

So... here are my hopes for the day:

- Finish reading about reinforced masonry (this is a work item and I know everyone is jealous of this one)

- Go the to gym. I would like to run a few miles tonight. Get the lungs workings.

- Go to Target

- Get The Little Hat Project supplies

- Finish current crocheting project

Wish me Luck!

Love, Mrs. Janney
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