Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buffalo Wings

Recently, I have discovered a love for Buffalo Wings (no, I am not pregnant).  This recent food addition has been surprising to my husband since my spicy food palette wasn't real diverse.  Nevertheless, I am now fan of the spicy buffalo wing.

In an effort to control calories, I searched for a healthier recipe to make these at home.  I found one HERE  (from Gina's Skinny Recipes) and gave it a try, using drumsticks instead of wings.  It was delicious.  Kind of beyong delicious.  So I made them again the other night using boneless skinless chicken breast tenders.

They weren't as good as the drumsticks (probably because they weren't dark meat and didn't have any skin on them.  Yeah... I am good at stating the obvious), but they were still YUMMY.

Try the recipe.  It is good.

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