Monday, August 22, 2011

Chicken Nuggets

After getting back from the family camping trip and running a couple of errands, I was in no mood to cook lunch.  Nothing sounded good.  So I let Phil decide what we had for lunch.  He chose Popeye's.

By the time we get to the restaurant, it is about 2 in the afternoon and we are STARVING.  I was about ready to eat my car cushions, I was that ravenous.

We go in to order and there is one couple in front of us.  Before they get a chance to order, this Asian woman (with a thick accent) comes up to complain about how little food she actually got with her order.  And it worked.  One of the workers gave her more chicken nuggets/popcorn shrimp and she went back to her seat.  The couple in front of us starts to order.  They take A CRAZY LONG TIME to order their 2 dishes. 

In the time it has taken for the couple of order their food, the Asian woman has reappeared with two more of the dishes her group ordered.  This time, to complain about the small size of the chicken nuggets.  Her rant included some of the following statements:

"Anywhere else you go like McDonald's or Wendy's the chicken nuggets are much bigger than this."

"Look at the picture.  The picture shows the nuggets much bigger."

"I can't believe this is all the food you are going to give me."

These statements weren't just said once.  They were repeated at least 5 times each.  Like it would much sense if you repeated the exact same thing a third, fourth or fifth time.  Did she expect the Popeye's employee to say, "Oh!!  I am sorry ma'am.  The first four times you said it, it didn't make sense.  Now I understand.  Please, take all of the chicken nuggets you want."  I was a good 2 seconds away from screaming at her, "THEN GO TO MCDONALDS!"

Now her points might have been valid if she hadn't JUST come up and begged for more food.  Not to mention the general principle that Popeye's is NOT a fine dining experience.  OF COURSE the picture is going to be much larger than the actual food.  And you CAN SEE the actual chicken nuggets right behind the counter.

Isn't that just your stereotypical idea of an American?  Go to a fast food restaurant, get your food and then complain about it until they either give you more food for free or your money back.

It just goes to show that even if English is not your first language, it is still possible to be an ugly American.

When Phil and I went to order (because we still hadn't ordered yet at this point), I asked for the tiny chicken nuggets.  :)

And then later that night, I yelled at a cancer patient.

It was a stellar afternoon/evening.

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