Monday, August 8, 2011

Cleaning Pays

The rest of August will be a blur for the Janney household.  The next few weeks are taken up by:

- Tegan's Bachelorette Party
- Birthday Parties
- Annual Family Camp-out
- Phil's lab work (aka Phil hardly being around for 7+days)
- Phil's conference in Denver (aka Phil literally not being around for 4+ days)
- Tegan's wedding prep
- Tegan's wedding

In preparation for our month of madness, I decided our last free weekend needed to be used cleaning and organizing the house.  FUN!

Since I hadn't really done much cleaning (or any) since Tegan's Bridal shower, it was a big task.  My to-do list was long.  I am happy to report, we got pretty much everything done.  And technically, I have until Thursday to complete the rest of my task.

A part of my cleaning/organizing frenzy was to tackle our office.  The office really isn't used as an office, but more as a project room.  My sewing machine and Phil's fly tying gear are set up in there.  It also serves as a dumping spot for random things (i.e wedding gifts, birthday gifts, projects, etc.).

Therefore, cleaning the office meant going through old birthday cards and random gift bags.  In addition to filing our bills, I found:

$50 Target Gift Card
2 Starbucks Gift Cards
$15 iTunes Gift Card

Assuming the Starbucks cards have $10 each on them, that is $85 in gift cards.

That is good motivation to clean more often.

Thankfully, I didn't find any BORDERS gift cards.  :)

Love, Mrs. Janney

SIDE NOTE:  Our kitchen floor is so clean, you can see your reflection in it.

Also, I have decided once Phil becomes Dr. Phil and gets a "Big Boy" job, I want a maid.  Probably won't happen, but I like to dream.

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