Sunday, August 28, 2011

RIP Mr. Squirrel

Phil had to be dropped off at the airport really early this morning (6:30). And since last night was Tegan's wedding, it was definitely a late night for us.

To compensate for my lack of sleep, I was SUPER alert when driving home from the airport.

I first get on I-205 heading south and see something going across the highway. As I get closer, I can see it is a squirrel. A squirrel with a suicide wish apparently.

I should mention for those not familiar with I-205 that the part closest to the airport is not populated. There really aren't even that many trees located in the vicinity at this point. So my thought is:

Where did this squirrel come from?

As I am pondering and looking around for a source of the squirrel he is making his brave and noble journey across the highway.

He made it through the first lane.

Then he makes it through the middle lane.

My car is rapidly approaching the squirrel. I am cheering the car for the squirrel make it in front of me in time (picture me motioning it across the roadway whilst driving).

He is halfway through the lane...

Bump. Bump.

Didn't quite make it.

These events all happened within about five to seven seconds and I refuse to get in a car accident trying to avoid an animal. After all, this totally could have been Geico squirrel or whatever insurance company those commercials were for. I didn't really have time to assess getting over.

RIP little squirrel. I am sorry.

Add it to my list of sins for church today. Man that list is getting long. Kind of like this post.

Love, Mrs. Janney

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