Friday, August 5, 2011

I like Peanut M&Ms

Phil and I were in bed last night... reading (like I would post about anything else.  Come on people, my mother reads this sometimes).  Phil is currently reading a book written by a comedian.  The comedian was for some reason describing the three parts of a woman's cycle:

1.  The "Are you really crying at that television show?" phase.

2.  The "No you are not fat and you have plenty of clothes in the closet you can wear" phase.

3.  The "Just throw a bag of peanut M&Ms at her and run" phase.

(I may have paraphrased a little.  I can't remember the verbage exactly.)

Naturally after Phil told me this, I immediately asked him if I was that bad.  Poor guy... walked right into that one.

Phil's reply:  "Well you definitely do the first two occasionally."

NOTE:  I have sobbed like a baby during Project Runway before.  Not because someone was being eliminated or anything.  But because the contestants were being mean to each other and that really bothered me at the moment.  Hormones anyone?

Phil continued (and this part kind of surprised me): "But at no time have I felt the need to treat you like a bear."

Not me!

Well that is good to know.  :)

Love, Mrs. Janney

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  1. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing this. Made me laugh.


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