Thursday, November 15, 2012

1st Real Show

Remember how I mentioned Cotton was all signed up for his first, real show?

Well it is tomorrow.

Last night, we went to his conformance training class.  It is filled with people who have either trained dogs before, breed dogs, or have owned multiple dogs.  Since I have never owned a dog before (Taylor is technically Phil's dog.  That's what she'll tell you), I look like QUITE the novice.  The classes are pretty much just as much about training Cotton, as training me.

After his class, the owner of his nephew (who is over a year older than him) trimmed up his ears.

We also found out last night that Cotton's mom's sister is pregnant with puppies.  The father of the pups?  Cotton's father.  Sleeping with sisters... what a cad.  It was an accidental breeding because Cotton's dad can't keep it in his pants.  What does he think he is?  An animal?!?  :)

We got a lot of great advice last night for his show tomorrow.  His dad and his mom are champion show dogs, so it is in his blood and he is learning pretty quickly.  He has learned that holding still and letting me move his legs means he gets LOTS of treats.  Who wouldn't go for that?  I'd sit real still for a minute if that meant I got some peanut butter or a cookie.

He only meets the minimum age for the show by 3 days, so our expectations for how he will do are pretty low.  But hopefully he will have fun.  And I will learn lots.

He gets his bath tonight with the Whitening Shampoo (did you know that is a real thing?  It's not like white stripes) and then he will be ready to go!

Wish us luck!  Hopefully I don't make a fool out of both of us.  :)

PS - We know we are crazy and need some real hobbies.


  1. LOVE "Best in Show" and all of those movies!

    GREAT LUCK to you and Cotton! :)

  2. "You get the Busy Bee!" Love that movie. I hope today went well!

    Found you via We're Not Mommy Blogs :)

  3. I hope he did well! Is whitening shampoo like whitening mouth wash?

  4. Oh "Best in Show"...such a hilarious movie. I'm sure you saw some owners at the show exactly like the characters. Hope Cotton did well!


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