Friday, November 9, 2012

Early Mornings

Oh Friday... Bless you for being here.  I'd say I am ready for a weekend to relax, but this weekend is anything BUT relaxing.  That is pretty much true of almost every day until Thanksgiving.  We just have a lot going on.  And it's all good stuff.  Celebrating birthdays.  Seeing friends.  Definitely good reasons to be busy.

But after three days of Cotton waking up before 6 in the morning and late nights, I could use a nap.  Fall back hasn't exactly worked in our favor when it comes to the puppy.  However, I have managed to get a great deal of stuff done between 5:40 in the morning and when I need to leave for work.

For example, this morning I baked a cherry pie, did a load of laundry, got ready, and made Phil coffee all with enough time to get to work early and write this here post.  I'd be feeling quite domestic if the pie crust hadn't been Pillsbury and the cherry filling hadn't been canned but whatever.  Details details.

In terms of the novel writing, the busy week hasn't given me much time to write.  I am currently about 1 day behind on my word count.  My hope is that I will be able to catch up this weekend.  I think it will happen.  I really hate being behind on things.  But that's ok!  I will get there.  And as long as I'm not more than a day behind, I think it is always manageable to catch up.  The story is forming in my head, so it really is just a matter of getting the time to write.

At least my little monster is cute.


  1. wow, now that is what i call a productive morning. baking a pie before work? i am impressed! i am lucky if i can unload the dishwasher before work :)

  2. Your monster IS adorable! They are great alarm clocks, aren't they? Thankfully, Kingsley sleeps like a rock until at least 6, though every other morning, he thinks 3 is a great time to go in the backyard for a little tail-chasing session. This morning, he was awake right on the dot at 6 and wanted to PLAY, specifically with Mocha who sleeps right between us and really likes to sleep until around 10 or noon or 3 pm. Which meant he stood at the foot of our bed and barked at her until the whole lot of us got up. Our alarm hadn't even gone off yet.

    It's their cutes that save them, I tell you.

  3. adorable pictures and my jaw dropped open when i read that you baked a cherry pie... felt a bit better when i knew it wasn't scratch... it's still a cherry pie though.

    get typing! that's great that the story is in your head. will make it easier to get it out.


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