Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Well... I got started.

I spent most of the day thinking about what I wanted to write.  But I was a little nervous.  I had no idea where to start.  I had a general beginning figured out, but not the actual opening of the book.

When I came home, I was greeted at the door by Phil who promptly informed me that he had a headache.  That's code for Phil NEEDS to lie down in the dark with his head buried in the couch before the headache turns into a migraine.  It also meant that I felt very bad for him.  I hate it when he gets headaches.

And before I could get started writing, I needed to feed my sick man.  I also needed to make some Lemon Bars.  Remember the Lemon Bars?  I really need to share that recipe.  It really wasn't a option whether or not to make them.  Plus I had to make them for Canasta Night.  Jacob would need them.  :)

By the time I made dinner (Swedish Meatballs), made the Lemon Bars, and cleaned up my mess, it was after 7:30.  I parked myself in the rocking chair with my laptop and just started going for it.

I was shocked at how quickly I got my word count done.  Of course by the time I started writing Phil was feeling better and ready to visit.  After I shot him the look of death along with some one word responses to his questions, he got the hint.  Poor guy.

This is the current scene at our house.

Phil in the recliner.  Taylor on one couch.  Cotton on another couch.  Myself in the rocking chair.  Cotton has pushed us off the couches.  He likes to be involved in the typing.  It is NOT helpful.

Here's the skinny on Day 1

Words Completed: 1,703
Words Left: 48,297
Chapters Completed:  Almost one

I'm feeling a little self-conscious about what I wrote.  Overall, I like it.  But I am worried it is a little too much background information and not enough story telling.  But I suppose that is probably ok for a first chapter.  I don't know.  I can always go back and add to it later.

Like 2 people said they would be interested in reading excerpts.  I'm still deciding if I am feeling brave enough to share some completely unedited writing.  Although if I am being completely honest, most of my posts are totally unedited.  You all probably noticed that already.


  1. Good for you! Its a start! I would want to read it!

  2. Yay! I was a little surprised at how quickly I hit my word count goal too, which is kind of silly since I've done this before and should remember. For me, I think the beginning is always the easiest part because the ideas are still fresh and exciting.

  3. A writer I like said that she considers her first drafts word vomit. She doesn't think too hard and just writes. There is always time in the future to edit.

  4. I found starting out was tricky... I sat there with about a line done for maybe 30 minutes then I just moved on and it came much more easily. I find I am thinking about what I wrote and worrying too but it's not supposed to be perfect or even close and editing is for december and beyond.

  5. my posts are unedited too. but you probably already knew that.

    i wanna read it when you finish it. i feel like asking to read it sooner would be like having your husband watch you get ready to go out for a date. sort of ruins the final "tada!" effect, amiright?

  6. I'd love to read excerpts! I'd be too scared to, if I ever did this though haha

  7. LOL at Cotton trying to help you! Maybe he should guest post on your blog. :P

  8. My dogs sleep with us. It's torture to have a 50 pound dog on your legs. Two nights ago I guess her holiday slumber was too much because she rolled off the bed at 5 am. I wish I could sleep like that .


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