Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Normal DNA

I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant, it took all of my will power to not shout it from the roof tops (and all over the blog).  Extreme exhaustion helped a little with this, as I haven't really had the energy to do much shouting at all.

Now that we have gone public with our news, I have barely blogged about the pregnancy.  I blame NaNoWriMo (is it December yet?) and my own laziness.

Personally, I found the first trimester to be slightly terrifying.  It was so hard to get pregnant, I was constantly worried I would have a miscarriage.  Through on top of that all the concern over the radiation exposure the baby had because of my radioactive iodine ablation and then the regular discussions of first trimester screenings and it constantly felt like the baby was doomed.

But as it turns out, the baby is most likely not doomed.  And after the genetic counselor and the perinatologist told us it was a good time to start sharing our good news, we were very relieved.

I was not relieved last week when I was waiting for the last part of our first trimester screening tests.  As I mentioned, we qualified for a higher level screening test that used my blood to extract some of the baby's DNA to check for some chromosomal abnormalities.  And because of the timing (being so close to the anniversary of my biopsy results), I was starting to freak out.

But then last Wednesday, the genetic counselor called us to let us know that everything looked good.  The results are 100% like an amnio, but they should be better than traditional first trimester screening.  Baby Janney and I exchanged a high five (through the stomach obviously).

And it was getting a little weird that I had put out on the blog that I was nervous but hadn't shared the good news, so I needed to do that.  Only a week late.

I'll get to the pregnancy details (and a bump picture) after November is over.  Until then... 3 days and 8,153 words remaining.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Exciting news!

  2. I just have to tell you how much I appreciate your last few posts. As someone dealing with infertility, it's so neat to read of someone who has overcome it. For some reason my GFC reader doesn't always load every blog post I am subscribed to, so I am just learning now that you're pregnant. That is so wonderful. Congratulations to you. Everyone deserves to experience that kind of joy, but it always makes me especially happy for a couple who has experienced so much heartache prior to getting pregnant. Good for you. I wish you lots of happy days as a pregnant mamma...and many, many more after he or she arrives.

  3. Ya, so exciting! Can't wait to see the baby bump!

  4. Yay!!! Soo glad everything is okay!!! Can't wait to see your bump and hear all about this little baby!!

  5. So happy for you!! Love the baby high five!!


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