Monday, October 31, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Today I am linking up with Ashley for Motivate Me Monday. 


Before the wedding, Phil and I were working out like crazy.  It is partially because I wanted to look good for my wedding and also because I was in between wedding dress sizes and the ladies at the bridal shop decided it would be better to order the smaller size than the larger one.  And since my hip measurement was about an inch and a half LARGER than the measurement for the dress, I was terrified I wouldn't fit into it.

After the wedding, I kind of let life take over.  And while our intention was always to keep going to the gym, but maybe just not as much (aka we didn't need to work out for 16 hours a week), it kind of became not going at all.

As the weight I worked SO HARD to take off before the wedding began to creep back unto my thighs... I got sad.  I'm still not to where I was before we started our wedding workouts, I certainly don't want to get to that point.

There are always a MILLION reasons why I can't go to the gym.  Especially since my thyroid went all crazy, it is even easier to blow off the gym.  But now that my metabolism is slowing down, it is even more important that I go - If for no other reason than low thyroid function can cause depression.

The half marathon was a great experience.  It made Phil and I want to do another one.  But I won't lie... it was REALLY hard.  I wasn't prepared for it and my entire goal was simply to finish it.  I want the next race to be for a time.  And I want to be proud of that time.  And I want to be able to walk afterwards.  :)

The only way I am going to keep the lbs off and get faster is one step at a time.  And while that is SO FRUSTRATING sometimes... it is the truth.

So let's try to keep each other motivated.  Tonight, before Phil, Taylor and I hand out candy, I am going to the gym.  :)


  1. hey girl! i know what you mean about the after wedding weight. I feel like after i got married i was cooking big meals my body was not use thats how mine creeped up on me. but we can totally get it off!:) but congrats on the half marathon. I want to do one so bad. It sounds like you did it with your husband. how was that? im jealous. I want to train for one next year!! you rock by the way!!!

  2. Oh I am still not as thin as I was for my wedding and then I had the babe and it got even worse. I totally know what you are talking about. I too am trying to get to that wedding day weight. I am getting tested for thyroid problems soon. My mom has hoshimotoes I know that's not how you spell it but I couldn't find the spelling anyway it is really bad so I am hoping to catch it sooner. What advice do you have about thyroid issues.


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