Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another good David story

Last Saturday, my brother invited Phil and I to come watch David at his "soccer" practice.  Since David is three and a half, they don't really play soccer.  The pretty much play games and some of the games involve a soccer ball.

 See the girl in the green shirt and pink shinguards?  Remember her for the story...

What a ham.

Nick said David was really excited we were coming to watch him, but once we got there David was having a hard time feeling up to participating (aka he was pouting a lot).  It was still really cute.

The last game of the practice, the kids took a jersey and tucked it into the back of their pants to be their "tails."  Then they played a game where they ran around and tried to pull out the other kids' tails.  The first time they played the game, everyone had fun and it went really well.  Since there was a little time left, the coach decided they should play one more time.

Right after the second game started, David gets his tailed pulled out.  He did not like that very much.  So Nick took a jersey David had in his hands and just tucked it back in for David.  He stopped crying and he was off.  We then ran up to the little girl in the green shirt and ripped out her tail.  She was not happy about this. 

To comfort her during this trying time, David took the jersey he had just ripped out of the back of her pants and started hitting her with it.  Since this didn't comfort her adequately, David then grabbed her by both of her shoulders, began to shake her a little and then growled in her face.

The girl ran to her dad, crying her off out.  Nick ran to David to tell him that wasn't an ok thing to do.

I began laughing histerically.

I know Nick was mortified.

Seriously... David never seems to disappoint (HERE and HERE).

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