Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Mr. is a Mystery

This is going to sound stupid, but I sometimes forget that I haven't known my husband for all that long.  In the span of our lives, we have only known eachother for 4 years.  But this weekend we actually got to spend some time together (shocker!) and I was reminded again of how much of Phil's past I really don't know about:

(Old song comes on the radio)

Phil: This song reminds me of elementary school dances.

Me: Your elementary school had dances? (pretty shocked)

Phil:  Yup.

Me:  Well I guess if you are going to get knocked up by 16, you really have to start socialization early.

Phil:  Yup.  I know it was elementary school because I had a girlfriend.

Me:  You had a girlfriend in elementary school?!?! (Even more shocked primarily because Phil was and still is super shy)

Phil:  Yeah.  And her ex-boyfriend kept trying to cut-in and dance with her.  It was really annoying.

Me:  (Jokingly) Did you fight him?

Phil:  Not then, but I did push him over a desk in class once.

I could NEVER picture kid-Phil pushing another kid over a desk.

Me:  Did you get in trouble?

Phil:  No.  I waited for the teacher to leave the room.

That makes more sense.

Phil:  When she came back in, she didn't believe when people said I had done it.  So I didn't get in trouble.

Learn something new about him everyday.

Going to have to watch out for our kids if they get Phil's sneaky side.


  1. haha! gotta love those moments. isn't it wonderful to have your entire life to learn about each other and build memories?!


  2. LOL- the thing with my husband is that we're 7 1/2 years apart so by the time i was 15, he was 8! my stories and his stories are so far off that we always have a good laugh about many things and it's great to get to know your partner with this type of conversations...


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