Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Overly Excited

Lately I have been a little overly excited about things that really aren't all that exciting. 

-  The gym is getting new aerobic equipment.  The kind with the TVs in each individual machine!  I am over the moon about this development.  It makes me even more excited to run.

-  I found my after-race evening snack of a banana and chocolate milk really enjoyable.

-  I got a Carmel Apple Spice when we got home Sunday and drank it while I watched "Sister Wives" and Phil napped.  It was glorious.  I also sat around cuddled in a blanket with no pants because I hate wearing pants at home.

Yesterday, it reached new levels of ridiculousness.

I had called the endocronologist's office last week to ask some questions about my upcoming appointment.  They never called me back.  But that is ok because I had lab work there yesterday, so I decided since they hadn't called me back, I was going to stop by and ask my questions in person.  It is much harder to ignore someone standing in front of you, after all.

I managed to get my questions answered AND schedule another appointment just in case it is needed for 2 days after my appointment.  That way, if they need to stick a needle in my neck, I can have it done as soon as possible.  But hopefully I won't need the needle poke.  Fingers crossed and prayers accepted people.

Anyway, I was SO EXCITED that my impromptu visit with the endo's office went well!!  I had a hard time focusing at work afterwards.

But I am not sure it is normal to be excited about possibly getting a needle to the neck...



  1. haha...I can totally relate on the TVs attached to equipment...the BEST!!!

    REALLY hoping you don't have to have the biopsy!!!!

  2. Please please please tell me the TV machines are happening at the Keizer club!! Have you tried the Salted Caramel Mochas --- unreal :)

  3. I think I have missed something... why do you have an endocronologist? And why are you getting a needle stuck in your neck?! FAMILY REUNION PLEASE!!! I need updated!!!


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