Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prison Wives

During my lunch breaks, I like to watch shows on Netflix.  Yesterday, I found a new one:

Prison Wives

It is a documentary style show about people who's spouse is incarcerated.

And it reminded of a story.

I was a sophomore in college and I was dating a guy who was finishing up grad school at the time.  He decided he would throw a party for his frat buddies and they would make kaluha.  So he found a recipe from a prison family website and threw a party.

He also made ham.  The ham was really good.

The kaluha made a mess.

He had made me a sandwich with the ham on French Toast bread from Winco (it has maple syrup in the bread) and it was delicious.

The moral of the story

If you ever want to make gallons of kaluha, try looking for a recipe from a prison family website. 
And also... make a ham.

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