Monday, February 27, 2012

Sleepy Weekend

I have been kind of a bad blogger.  I neglect my blog a little.  In defense of my blog-neglect, I have been neglecting many areas of life as well.  It can't totally be helped.  I was feeling REALLY good until about the middle of last week.  Then all of a sudden, the tiredness settled in.  Once again, waking up is impossible.

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I spent most of the weekend sleeping.  Slept in Saturday morning, then I went to work.  After about 3 hours of work, I went home and took a nap.  Our friend, Ryan is moving to the Netherlands for 2 years this week, so we spent Saturday night at his parents' house for his going away party. 

I need to swallow my jealousy that Ryan will be living in Europe for two years and remember the year I spent living abroad.  Now that I am back living in the US, I like to romanticize the experience.  Must remember no central air, no car, bad food (English food is NOT good), expensive washer/dryer.

Ok... I am a little better now.

We get home and were in bed before midnight Saturday night, but I still needed to sleep until 10 Sunday morning.  And then laid around all day, too tired to do anything.

The other strange side effect, post 2nd surgery:  no appetite.

My bloodwork gets done tomorrow and my next appointment with the endo will be next Tuesday.  I am hoping my bloodwork reflects the way I am feeling.  I am afraid the way I am feeling may be my "new normal."

In preparation for that appointment, I am doing my best to figure out what questions I have for the doctor regarding the next steps.  After all, it isn't every day a girl becomes radioactive.  At least we hope not.

Let's get this stuff done.

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