Sunday, February 12, 2012


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I have a whole theory about Tuesdays...

I kind of hate them.

They tend to be horrible days.  Bad things happen on Tuesdays.  Here are some big examples:

-  Stock market crash aka Black Tuesday
-  9/11 was on a Tuesday

Some less than notable history has also been made on Tuesdays.  I usually got dumped on Tuesdays (in the past but NO MORE).  I found out I had cancer on a Tuesday.

Plus it is just a hard day of the week.  Mondays are the beginning of the week, so everyone expects them to suck a little.  Wednesdays are the middle of the week, so you are halfway to the weekend.  Thursdays are almost Friday.  And Fridays are the start of the weekend.  Tuesdays aren't really the beginning of the week, but you aren't halfway there.

I just don't like Tuesdays.

So I get a little nervous when things are scheduled on Tuesdays.  Since both of my surgeries have been scheduled on Tuesdays, it kind of unrealistically has just added to my anxiety.  But my first surgery went well (minus find out officially that I had cancer), so I have to have faith that even though it is on a Tuesday, my second surgery will go well too.

Hopefully this Tuesday will be good to me.

I have other theories too, by the way.  Like one about Sunday afternoons/blue sky.  And I used to have one about boyfriends and Julia Roberts but I don't believe in that one anymore.

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