Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts

I had a pretty darn busy day at work.  By 3:30 in the afternoon, my brain was shutting down.  But I did manage to compile a list of my thoughts for the day today.  Enjoy!

{Part of my recent work.  Hydrographs and more coloring.}

-  On my way to work this morning, I drove past a Christmas tree shoved into someone's yard debris can (we have multiple types of garbage cans here in the Pacific NW.  Not recycling will likely get you flogged by an angry group of liberals wearing flannel and birkenstocks beating you with organic sustainably grown wood sticks also known as their "Occupy Portland" protest signs).  I am just glad our neighborhood is finally undecorating from Christmas.  Maybe everyone will take down their Christmas lights now.  *cough* 2 next door neighbors *cough*

-  Have you heard who will be on the new season of Dancing with the Stars?  Urkel, an NFL player, a tennis player, Sherry Shepard, a couple other "celebrities" I don't know, and Gavin DeGraw.  Gavin DeGraw?!?  I would think if you had a Top 20 single you would be a little above DWTS.  I'm sure his agent suggested this as publicity for his new album, but seriously... the guy better be able to dance or I'm guessing his record scales will drop considerably.

-  The Bachelor.  We all know Ben is going to pick Courtney.  He is a nerdy wine maker and she is a model.  Isn't this season just a reality show version of Revenge of the Nerds?

-  A new study came out suggesting that using ectasy while pregnant might negatively affect the fetus.  The fact that this needed to even be studied is baffling but what really gets me is that someone decided this was a good use of research funds.  Even worse is that they found 96 women to participate in the study!  Seems like one stupid idea after another.

- A Virginian woman was fined a whopping $100 for faking cancer and raising money for herself.  If my memory is correct, this is like the 3rd person in the last 6 months that has gotten caught faking cancer and raising money for their "treatment."  I always thought people who did this were ridiculous.  It seems like horrible karma to extort money out of people by pretending to be sick.  It's like you are asking for it or something.  I am even more offended now that I going through my own cancer treatment.  Good thing that woman get that HUGE fine!  I'm sure she learned her lesson.

-  After several horrible experiences with my endocrinologist's office, I decided to head to my lab appointment with an open mind.  The last time I had to get my bloodwork done, they not only didn't have my appointment in the computer, they didn't have my lab order either.  The lab tech very plainly told me I needed to get it all straightened out.  So when I checked in at the lab this morning and they actually had my appointment on the schedule, I figured it was a good sign.  After waiting 10 minutes or so, a different lab tech told me my lab orders weren't in the computer.  Of course they weren't.  At least this time she volunteered to go get everything fixed for me.  She then proceeded to poke all the way through my vein, which made her have to dig around to get the blood out.  For 6 vials.  Good times.  Needless to say, my expectations for next week's appointment aren't super high.

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