Monday, February 6, 2012

Things NOT to say...

I am starting to get pretty darn anxious about surgery again. I didn't think that I would since my first surgery went really well. But as it gets closer, my feelings build.

And I have found that people say the absolute worst things to you when you are going through something like this. I know they mean well, but sometimes you just want to respond to them with "why on earth would you say that to me?"

It is starting to get comical at this point.

For example...

A guy at church came up to me after the service and said, "When I had the two surgeries on my foot, the first surgery went great. I did fine with the anesthesia. With the second surgery, I just had the hardest time with the anesthesia. I could not wake up. It was bad. "


Later, when I told my sister in law that I was getting nervous and anxious for the surgery she replied with, "You should be."

K. Thanks.

Sunday we had family birthdays. Almost none of my relatives, who I haven't seen since before my first surgery, said anything to me about my surgery, my cancer, my nice new neck scar. That is, until they went to leave. The I got, "How are you? Are you ok?"

Um... You are about to leave. Not really the best time to start THAT conversation.

I know everyone means well, but sometimes it is just weird. Just a piece of advice: don't say these things to someone who is freaking out about having surgery.

Love, Mrs. Janney

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