Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eat Fresh

One of the steps in (one of the few steps thankfully) in treating thyroid cancer is radioactive iodine, which is basically a single dose of oral chemotherapy.  And while technically I won't be able to temporarily be around people, pass through an airport, or mail things without being considered a terrorist threat (because I will be emitting radiation), it has minimal side effects when compared to systemic chemotherapy.

To prepare for the radioactive iodine, I will have to go off my thyroid meds (insert whimpers here) and go on a special low-iodine diet for something crazy like 4 weeks.  I'll probably grace you all with more specifics of the low-iodine diet when it gets closer, but basically when on the diet you are restricted to eating fresh fruits/vegetables and non-salted peanut butter.  Turns out iodine is in practically everything.

So I was pretty excited when I saw this chart on pinterest the other day.

{Image found HERE}

It will be April and May when I am on the low-iodine diet.  And according to this chart, the only produce that will be in season are cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, lettuce and rhubarb.


I can pretty much guarantee I won't be eating seasonably during my low-iodine diet.  4 weeks of peanut butter on cabbage?  I don't think so.

Sorry Sustainable Table.

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  1. What a helpful post, I never knew this! Sorry that the veggies that fit for you during your low-iodine diet aren't that exciting...hmmm, peanut butter on cabbage! ;) Thanks for sharing this and Happy Leap Day! :)


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