Friday, February 3, 2012

Week Wrap-Up

This week had its fair share of funny/interesting moments.  Here's a recap:

1.  Wednesday morning, I came downstairs and noticed my pants were unzipped.  I thought, "Whoa.  So glad I noticed that now.  That could have been embarrassing."  Then later in the day, at about 3 in the afternoon, I went to the bathroom and noticed my pants were unzipped again.  And I have no idea how long they were like that.

2.  It's not everyday you hear one middle-aged man say to another middle-aged man, "No!  Don't touch me!  I'll cuss!!!" in the lunchroom.  No this isn't a sexual harrassment situation.  The touchy-feely guy's whole family has some kind of stomach virus and the other guy doesn't want to get sick.  Still... it was quite the strange  thing to hear.

Since my surgery is in 11 days, I informed touchy-feely man that if he gets me sick, I will cut him.  (I didn't really say that.)

3.  I was texting Joanna Thursday about her next crocheting project and auto-correct made me look like a yarn racist.

I don't think there is such a thing as asain yarn.  And even if there was, I have nothing against it.  Just so we are clear.

4.  In an effort to keep myself motivated and on-task for work, I made myself a schedule the other day:

I almost kept to it.  I was actually ahead of schedule most of the day.  But I didn't finish my report narrative.  DANG IT! 

5.  Normally, women get their hair chopped off when they go through a particularly nasty break-up.  Since I have no plans of getting dumped in the future AT ALL (thanks Phil!), I need different reasons for the big chop. 

After the dumping phase of life is over, comes the "mom haircut."  You know this one... Woman has a baby and then cuts all her hair off.  No baby for me.

So if you aren't getting dumped and aren't having a baby, why would you cut off 6 or 8 inches of hair?

The answer:  Cancer  (that rhymed)



Both pictures were taken in bathrooms, incase you were wondering.  The first, the bathroom at work.  The second, our main bathroom at home.  Since I am still slummin with the iPhone 3GS, I am reduced to taking pictures in the mirror.

I wanted my hair cut to "neck scar" level.  It is pretty close.

This is also the www debut of my neck scar.  Or my current neck scar, I should say.  Instagram made it harder to see than it really is.

So that as been my work week.  Hopefully our weekend will be filled with fun and relaxation (I am looking into progressive muscle relaxation techniques to help with my pre-surgery anxiety).  I hope yours is too!

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  1. ahhh


    the hair. I'm jealous and in love. I want to cut my hair but ... I'm afraid my house shoes that I never take off and my makeupless face would do me in ... middle aged mom for real.

    and I laughed at slummin with an iphone 3 ... so funny.

    and your scar??!?!!? are you kidding me. I hope mine looks that invisible in 10 years.

    weird. my word verification is twitter


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