Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby To-Do

I guess I hadn't realized it, but getting the rocking chair finished really lifted my spirits and took a HUGE load off my back.  I feel like we are SO CLOSE to being done with the nursery now that that project is finished.  It's probably because all of the things I have left to do are so small and less time consuming than that one.

Here's a list of things I have left to do:

-  Hang Curtains

-  Put trim on chenille blanket

-  Make 2 or 3 covers for the changing pad.  I'm going to use THIS tutorial I think.  I may do a little extra tailoring to make the cover fit more snugly.

-  Make 2 fitting sheets for the cradle.  I'm going to use the same concept as the changing pad covers.

-  Make 2 Bobby covers using THIS tutorial.

-  Make a car seat cover.

-  Maybe make another chenille blanket.  This one will be VERY simple and smaller than the last one I made.

-  And I want to crochet a blanket for the little man.  I'm thinking THIS pattern looks simple enough.  I almost started it last night but decided sleep would likely be a better option.

-  Crochet some hats.

-  Put together artwork for the wall.

-  Get Phil to finish and hang bookshelves (he started them this weekend).

-  Exchange some of the clothes Phil and I bought.  After my baby shower, we discovered we had an ABUNDANCE of 0-3 month clothing.  I thought this might happen.  So when Phil and I bought a bunch of baby clothes on sale about a month ago, I saved the receipt and left all the tags on in case we would need to exchange them for larger sizes.  I think I might do that this weekend.

-  Wash all the crib bedding, diapers, wipes, clothes and blankets.  Clothe diaper inserts have to be washing several times (they recommend something like at least 3, but morel likely 10 washes) before they are, shall we say, put to use.

-  Organize all clothes and blankets.

-  Make diaper wipe solution.  This will take 10 seconds tops.  I'm thinking I will omit the tea tree oil.

-  Pack our hospital bags.

It looks like a lot of stuff still to do.  But I'm pretty sure most of these projects will only take a few hours.  And with my new goal of doing one thing a day, I think it is do-able.  Nesting has kicked in full-force which helps.  Unfortunately, I have some night meetings in the next couple of  weeks which will interfere with my

Now I just need to decide which project to do tonight...

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  1. Wow, I'm doing all of these things right now too. Nesting is hard work right?


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