Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Things Friday

Another Friday is upon us and the weather here is AMAZING.  Or at least that is what I hear.  I'm at my desk, working away tirelessly to try and get my all my work done in case the little man makes his appearance  this weekend.

Without further ado... I give you 5 Things Friday.

1.  This week has kicked my butt.  Next week doesn't look to be any kinder.  Phil's been trying to get me to relax a little bit more.  I guess he read something about how the c-section rate was higher for women who work right up until they give birth.  In an effort to combat how unrelaxing my week has been and will be, I will be spending the weekend relaxing as much as possible.

I should take notes from these guys:

2.  And that will be a little easier because I'm not the only one nesting.  I came home yesterday to find Phil madly cleaning the house.  He had dusted, vacuumed, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  Points for Phil.

3.  I was not so secretly hoping that the full moon would have some kind of lunar effect on me and I'd have the baby.  It didn't work.  And it was supposed to be a strong one, too.  Maybe it's effects will still work this weekend?

Although I did have 2 dreams last night about the baby.  In the first one, the baby died in-utero.  That one was awful.  In the second one, I went to the hospital because I maybe thought I was in labor even though I wasn't really in pain (super wishful thinking on my part).  Turns out I was super in labor and before anyone could check me, I gave two small pushes and the baby was born.  Phil hadn't even made it to the hospital yet.  And in the dream it took me an hour to call him.  When I finally did, he was REALLY mad at me.  Also strange about the dream... the baby was a doll.  Literally.  A hard plastic baby doll.  It was weird.

4.  Yeah I'm pretty sure he won't be born this weekend.  I kind of have a feeling he's going to hang around AS LONG as possible.  You know those stories of women who go 2 weeks past their due dates with no signs of labor and then end up having to be induced but the induction takes FOREVER... I can see myself being one of those women.  I'm not sure what freaks me out more... the idea of a long and painful induction or another month of being pregnant.  I'd better not think about it too much.

5.  But as of tomorrow, we are officially 37 weeks which means FULL TERM!  I'm pretty excited!  That means I can start all those natural induction methods, right?  The March of Dimes would disagree.  I may or may not sit around this weekend with Phil pressing the outside of my ankle.

Ok so that whole thing was pregnancy related and not nearly that funny.  I'll work on it.


  1. 1) look at Taylor all in love and asleep on Cotton.
    2) you're full term tomorrow?! You should have the baby at 12:01pm. It would be quite the wild pair, you two.

    I'm so bored at work.

  2. Holy mother of god, where has time gone!? I can't believe it's almost baby ready to be born time! Crazy.

    I had weird pregnancy dreams too.

    Advise from an old woman like me to a young thing like you: savor and cherish these next few weeks with your hubby. A miraculous moment is about to happen that will be amazing, the birth if your child, BUT it will never, ever, Ever just be you and him again, Ever. Cherish it. :)


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