Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Things Friday

Blog silence, once again.  I could give a plethora of reasons, but I will resist.  Nobody cares about my laziness.   I thought I would throw together a quick list of random things.  Hopefully it won't sound too snarky, but I'm going to be honest... it's raining outside and I got approximately zero sleep between massive attempts to roll myself over (lack of blogging excuse number 1).  Round Ligament pain... I HATE YOU.

1.  I had my 36 week doctor's appointment on Wednesday (even though I'm not techincally 36 weeks until tomorrow).  I was a little more nervous for the "exam" than I probably should have been and it wasn't as bad as my anxiety-filled mind had made it out to be.  When I shared my fears about the discomfort of the exam with my doctor, she said, "It won't be as uncomfortable as labor."  Touche.  Anyway, without divulging too much information for the world to see regarding my cervix, I will just say this... things are heading in the labor direction.  And it was amazing to me how excited, frustrated, anxious, and disappointed I was with my progress all at the same time.  And it isn't like any of it really matters.  It doesn't make a difference.  He will come when he comes.

But news that my body was getting things moving kind of sent me into overdrive about getting the house ready (lack of blogging excuse number 2).  I did manage to get all of the baby's clothes and blankets washed, organized, and put away.  I also am 40% of the way done prepping the cloth diapers (they have to be washed at least 5 times before they are used).  And I have everything I need washed and set aside to pack my hospital stuff.

2.  Along the same lines, the nursery is SO CLOSE to being done.  I only have 2 more changing pad covers to make and to hang stuff up on the walls.  I think Phil and I are hoping to get that finished this weekend.

3.  As an engineer (in Oregon), I work with A LOT of men.  Currently, about half of the men in my office have become very vocal about how little sleep they are getting.  Get this... one of them only got 5 and a half straight hours of sleep last night before he woke up and then fell back asleep a little while later.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  Between my thyroid and pregnancy, I haven't slept for more than 4 hours at a time in over a year.  This morning, I had had it.  I called them all whiners.  And one of them actually said to me, "You just wait.  Your time is coming."  Excuse me?  What about being 9 months pregnant says rested to you?

Another man I work with came up to me and said, "Wow!  You look REALLY pregnant."  Well since I AM really pregnant, I suppose this is a good thing.  At least he doesn't think I'm faking it.  But needless to say I didn't find this comment helpful.

On the flip side, the grumpy old man I used to share an office with came up to me and complimented me on how well I have done being pregnant and how little I have complained.  Kind of brought a smile to my face.

4.  I probably shouldn't admit how excited I am that the trailer for Catching Fire is out now.  A professional adult really should not admit these things.  I should also not admit that while I am excited, I am not as excited as I was for the Harry Potter movies.  Yeah... I'm a dork.  Did you not read that I'm an engineer?  It's implied.  I promise I'm not into LARPING.

In all seriousness, there is a group of people who larp at a park right by our house.  Every time Phil and I drive by, we kind of creepily slow down to catch a glimpse because you can't NOT LOOK.

5.  Here's a list of things I am looking forward to for after the baby is born (other than the obvious of meeting and snuggling my baby):

-  Alcohol
-  Sushi
-  Caffeine
-  Alcohol
-  Sandwiches
-  Alcohol
-  Frozen Yogurt
-  Alcohol
-  Sleeping on my stomach
-  Alcohol
-  Not feeling like a whale

And now that everyone thinks I'm an alcoholic, I will stop the list there.  I promise I am not.  There's something about being told you can't have something that just really makes you want to have it.  The same thing happened on the low-iodine diet.  The only difference was that then I was allowed alcohol, but denied cheese.  If you think lusting after same wine is weird, try lusting after cheese.  Is it better to feel like an alcoholic or a kid breaking out of fat camp?  I'm not sure.

This post probably shouldn't be posted.  Oh well...


  1. HAHAHAHA i loved everthing about this post heck yes you should have posted it, you are just too cute! Please have a drink of alcohol for me too once he comes since I have to wait until July and believe me I could have used one this week ;) Can't wait to see the nursery finished! I also get the "wow you popped big time" or "you look SO pregnant" comments, but i have 11 weeks to go, ugh!
    SOOO excited for you and only 4 more weeks (or less)!!!

  2. alcohol, sushi, alcohol, caffeine, and alcohol would be my top five too. #youarenotalone

  3. I think we are going to take a bottle of champagne to the hospital to celebrate...haha! Can't wait for a margarita! =) And I totally am with you on the Catching Fire trailer. Can.not.wait.

  4. Well if it helps...THIS pregnant girl (who hasn't had a drink since October 2011) has also been craving some alchohol something FIERCE! And for those of you who do not know me I am not an alcoholic or anything, I am just allergic! hahah. So once these babies are out lets get some margaritas, or some wine...or both. And maybe we can make Jo be our DD :)

  5. I could live without alcohol, ever again. Truth. But no cheese!!!? NO WAY. Omg. Cheese is my undoing. I HAVE to have it.


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