Friday, April 20, 2012

Food Lust

Wednesday at approximately 11:30 in the morning (PST), I stopped the Low-Iodine Diet.

*Insert cheers, choirs of angels singing, and me doing cartwheels down the street*

Side Note:  Technically, the doctor said I could stop it the day before, but I gave it an extra 24 hours for good measure.  I don't think I missed out by not eating hospital food.

And it wasn't a moment too soon.  The other day we were walking through the grocery store and I totally embarrased Phil.

This is a hard thing for me to do.  This guys knows EVERYTHING about me.  We tell each other absolutely everything.  Nothing is off limits.  While we may have had some boundaries in the past, this whole cancer process has definitely broken down any walls we may have had in the past.

Through out the entire shopping trip, I was telling Phil all of the food items I was excited to eat again.  Sandwiches on normal bread with mayo and mustard.  Milk.  Coffee with creamer.  Potato Chips.  Pickles.  Bacon.  Eggs.  Cheese (on anything).  Bagels with Cream Cheese.  Ranch.

We were walking down the frozen food aisle and when we past the frozen pizzas.  And that is when I let out a longing groan.  I guess it was loud enough that people turned and looked.  Whatever.

He thinks I may have developed an unhealthy attachment to food.

Living on basically fruit, vegetables, and nuts for a month will do that to a person.  Especially when the people around them keep flaunting food in front of them.  Still bitter about that one.

In case you want to reach me for the next few days, you may find me at one of the following restaurants:

- Padington's Pizza
- Hawaiian Time
- American Dream Pizza
- Sweet Tomatoes
- Big Town Here
- Red Robin
- McGrath's
- Sushi Restaurants
- Buffalo Wild Wings
- Thai Restaurant
- Any Italian Restaurant
- A diner for multiple breakfasts
- Every coffee shop I can enter
- Five Guys
- Burger Basket
- Konditerai

Of course I may also be vomiting from my gluttony.

{All pictures from my past posts of food.  Maybe I do love food...}

Iodine... I have missed you.


  1. 7:51 a.m. That is what time it is. I want a burger. I want pizza. I want sushi.

  2. This makes me want buffalo wings. I need to track down some gluten-free blue cheese dressing first though. And then figure out how to make buffalo wings. But never the less, I want buffalo wings now.

  3. I do not blame you one bit. I think your newly discovered obsession with food is completely understandable, given your circumstances!! :P

  4. I'm watching Diner's Drive-in's and Dives and thinking of you! I might have the same food obsession, as I can be found taking instagram photos of my restaurant foods. :)

  5. Glutton it up, baby! You've earned it :D

  6. I'd go with you if I could. Enjoy! You deserve it!

  7. ughhh i haven't had a bagel with cream cheese in so so sad.


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