Friday, April 6, 2012

Hunger Games Riot

A couple of weeks ago (exactly), my husband and I went to see The Hunger Games.  Yes... we are CRAZY and went opening night.  I wanted something to take my mind off how little food I could eat.

I kind of HATE going to regular movie theaters.  The ridiculous portions of popcorn and soda kind of make me want to vomit.  Not to mention the fact that people who open candy wrappers during movies make me want to commit a felony.  I've yet to do that (go me!).  Because of this, we opted to go to the theater pub, for a later showing, to avoid as many people as possible (man I am really playing into the engineer socially awkward stereotype here).

We showed up about an hour early.  The plan was to grab a drink and wait in line.  The theater had the movie on 3 screens.  Our show was in one of the smaller theaters right next to the other little theater (also playing The Hunger Games at the exact same theater time).  In an effort to clear up the confusion for the lines, they had placed colored duct tape on the ground.  The line we were in kind of snaked around the door.

Because we are awesome (totally not losers), we got there in plenty of time and were probably 10th in line to get into the theater.  Behind us was a group of young couples (about our age) who were probably all a part of the same church bible group or something.  This is just a guess, since I went to high school with one of them who also happened to be VERY involved in church and happened to marry pretty young.  Not an important detail right now, but just keep it in mind...

The staff cleaned the theater and we were super close to getting in, when Phil made the observation that it looked like the back of the line (the part that snaked around and was close to the front of the line) were not facing the right direction.  Rather than facing the front of the line, they were angled toward the door of the theater.

Big trouble.

The doors open...

And just like my brilliant husband predicted, the douches people in the back of the line CUT and rushed the doors.

The rest of us in the line were outraged.  My husband, who is normally extremely reserved (he is southern, after all) kind of YELLED at them.

The Christian couples behind me started yelling.

We all get in the theater and the jerks people who had cut in line took the row in the back of the theater.  By the time everyone got inside and sat down, there were still a bunch of seats open.

Why was it so important that they cut in line?  The theater wasn't full.

And why the back row?  My years in high school and every teen sitcom/movie has taught me that you only sit in the back row of the theater if you are going to make-out the entire time.  But why would you go to the opening night of the movie just to make-out?

I'm pretty sure karma will return the favor to the jackasses people who cut in line.  Flat tire in the rain or something.  I'm not too concerned about it.

However, if that had been a Harry Potter movie, my wine would have probably ended up in one of their faces if you catch my drift.
The movie was great, by the way.  Best book to movie adaptation I have seen in a while.

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  1. Oh MY! That's all I can say! So you're a Harry Potter fan too? LOVE them!

  2. Are you serious? These were adults not kids? You have so much mroe control than me because I would have gone ballistic on them. What ever happened to manners (coming from the woman who just admitted she would stab a stranger for cutting in line)?

  3. That's why I don't go to blockbusters on opening night anymore. I did that a couple times in the past for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and Twilight (a friend dragged me- I'm not a fan and the crazy fans reminded me why). Never never again! I'm waiting for the Hunger Games to come to our cheap theater.. even though I am absolutely obsessed with the series.

  4. We waited until the night after opening night to go - no line cutters for us but LOTS of people opening candy wrappers. Grrr!

  5. We waited until the night after opening night to go - no line cutters for us but LOTS of people opening candy wrappers. Grrr!


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