Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful for the stillness

Last night, my friend Danielle sent me a text message with a picture attached to it. The picture was of a page out of her devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. She said she had read this and thought of me.

Case and point that God speaks to us in mysterious ways.

I think it was exactly what I needed.

I have spent a lot of time waiting and wishing for things to be done.  Waiting for test results.  Wishing for surgeries to be done, diets to be over, scans to be finished.  Waiting for Phil to be done with school.  Waiting (very impatiently) for babies.

I have at least a year of waiting until we can start fertility treatments (which will be more waiting and wishing).  And I do not want to wish away over a year of my life.  While I want a baby more than anything else, it would be extremely short-sighted and immature of me to just sit and pout, hoping time will pass by me more quickly.

Phil and I are not people who think everything happens for a reason (afterall, his brother died in a car accident, his dad has liver cancer, and I have thyroid cancer).  And I can't believe that God purposely wants people to get sick and die (examples would be children with terminal illnesses, people who are in terrible accidents and suffer, 9/11).  God is loving and protects us.  But I do think God uses circumstances in our lives to deliver His messages and draw us closer to Him.
I need to sit and listen and look for the things God wants me to do while I am waiting.  And rather than doubt and stress over what the future may hold, I need to sit, be quiet, and trust in Him.


  1. LOVE this! And I love that you have a friend who let God speak through her. Amazing!

  2. Such good thoughts for today!

    So.. isn't the good that He can work through allowing things to happen to us, isn't that a reason in itself? For example, Lazarus in the Bible, Jesus could have cured him, and he wouldn't have died. But he allowed Lazarus to die, so that through Lazarus' death and resurrection, Jesus might preform a miracle and boost the belief of others. "but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me." Just a thought. (:

    1. I do like miracles! :) I kind of agree with you... that God's work can be achieved through hard times and trials. But I don't think that is the reason the bad things happen. But when we are low and vulnerable, we are more open to God and seeing His word and direction. If that makes sense.


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