Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My coworkers are MEAN (part 2)

As if my post yesterday hadn't made my mood seem a little down, it just got better.

My wonderful coworkers decided it was time to make popcorn.  We're not taking a bag of popcorn in the microwave.  Let me remind you what our popcorn machine looks like:

Just like they have at movie theaters, Targets, and Les Schwab (a NW Tire store chain).

This isn't the type of machine that ONLY produces popcorn.  It produces THE SMELL of popcorn.

Through out the entire office.

And everyone in the office eats it.

There is no escaping it.

Since I was too tired to even feed myself yesterday (no exageration), I kind of lost it.  Not to mention, I thought I had made my feelings about fragrant food known after the breakfast sandwich incident.

Apparantly not.

Turns out I should have done ALL THREE completely inappropriate reactions.  Live and learn.

I may have mildly lost it after the whole popcorn thing.  Excuse me for thinking that our engineering firm could be free of aromatic food (such as popcorn) for a month. 

What was I thinking?


  1. oh.. that is not okay. not even a little. popcorn is the worst when it comes to smells. you can get through this! even with your crazy firm tempting you... you can!

  2. No way! Do they know what your situation is? I can't believe they'd be so inconsiderate if they knew why you couldn't eat their food. At least I would try to make it easier on you. So sorry :(


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