Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cherry Trees

I have been telling Phil since probably last year that I wanted to go take pictures of the cherry trees near the Capitol Building (Oregon, not Hunger Games).  Oregon weather has been a real witch with a "b" these days.  We've hardly had any sun, but TONS of rain, wind and hail.  Well, the day before Easter, we woke up to sunshine.  And Phil and I decided we needed to seize the day and go grab some pictures.

I tried to back out at least 3 times (stupid lethargy) but with Phil's prompting, we still went.  And I am very glad we did.  Here are some of my favorites:

{almost the same as the second picture, but not quite and I couldn't pick}

Don't worry, the rain has come back.  Explains my Vitamin D deficiency.


  1. So, so pretty! Yay for spring!!! :)

  2. These pictures are SO GORGEOUS!
    And don't worry... we've had awful weather lately. We had a BLIZZARD pass through yesterday. Yuck.

  3. So gorgeous! Next time you want to take a stroll through the cherry trees, you can always call your best friend! Slightly less romantic than going with your husband, but we could totally hit Old Navy after (holla!). Just a suggestion.

  4. love these. hard to believe that these came from our crazy portland but i am so glad you went!

  5. Wow gorgeous photos! I think the first and last ones are my favourites. :)

  6. So beautiful!

  7. oh wow what a gorgeous place and you captured them beautifully!


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