Friday, April 27, 2012

Links and Thoughts

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop, reading a book about the birth of the HIV epidemic (yes, I am reading this by choice) and sipping on a chai tea. It is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon alone. And it greatly relieves my mom who was worried I would spend my weekend curled in a ball in bed while I wait for my thyroid meds to kick in.

Since Phil has his head buried in a computer screen, I have been entertaining myself with the internet.  I thought I would share some of my favorite links and random thoughts from the week.

- I need to have twins.

- Do you think Ryan Reynold's is upset that Ryan Goslin has taken over as the pinterest man-candy?

- When exactly is Jessica Simpson's due date?  Taylor thinks it was sometime in early 2011 and I agree.

- I was able to get out of bed Friday morning before 10:30 (it was 8:30 actually) which is a HUGE improvement.  Granted I needed a nap come 11:00, but still... I think I am recovering.  I have high hopes for my appetite to make an appearance some time soon.

- Grace's husband says THE FUNNIEST stuff.  Seriously.

- I reallllllllly want to make THIS this weekend.  Hopefully my energy level will rise enough for me to do it.

- I freaked my husband out with my calm behavior and positive outlook on how my scan would turn out. To be honest, my calmness is kind of freaking me out too. You read that right... I am a little anxious because I don't feel anxious. I am so rational. I think it is proof that all your prayers are working. So keep 'em coming!!

- I had a really good hair day yesterday. Or at least I thought so. Those are pretty rare for me so I had to take a picture.

Another bathroom picture. My specialty.

Ok... This post was really about nothing. Happy Saturday people!


  1. Yum. The baked pasta looks amazing! I want to make it too! :D

  2. You look so fabulous in that picture! That was definitely an epic hair day. I'm also really digging your sweater you are wearing. Happy Saturday!

  3. You are beautiful and so is your hair! ;)

  4. THAT is some great hair in that picture! Also, I'm making that pasta this week.
    And I'm blaming you if I get fat and get gas.
    But it'll be so good.

  5. oooo thanks for the link!!!

    and that hair --- amazing. You are NOT helping my itch to cut mine. at all.

  6. I heard somewhere that jessica simpson finally had her baby? Is that true? Either way, she's been pregnant for approx 3 years. She's like Bonnie from Family Guy


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