Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Basket

What does the Easter Bunny bring you when you are on a low-iodine diet and can't eat hardly anything?


An Edible Arrangment.  I had never gotten one of those before.  Those are chocolate covered pineapple bunnies (which I couldn't eat).  Phil said they were delicious.

The rest of the fruit was REALLY yummy. 

Thanks Dad! 


I meant the Easter Bunny.  :)


  1. I always wanted to try one of those fruit baskets too! Sorry to hear you couldn't have any of the chocolate....But that was way creative so you could enjoy a basket too! cute blog! Xo Tiffany

  2. What a great dad! I love Edible Arrangements. However, I'll be the first to admit that it's all about the presentation! It's just fruit shapes on sticks! Hahaha! But I love them anyway!

    Happy weekend to you, Natalie! Take care of yourself!

  3. That is a seriously cool Easter basket. If someone had sent me something that awesome, I wouldn't even have bee disappointed about not being allowed chocolate. Your dad rocks! :D

  4. looks delicious! i've always seen the edible arrangements ads and have wanted one just for fun :) glad you enjoyed your easter!

    andrea brionne

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