Monday, April 2, 2012


Not being able to go out to dinner has forced us to be more creative with our dates.

Last Thursday, Phil and I decided we would go on a date to the batting cages.  We bought 12 tokens with 16 pitches each.  The goal was that we would take turns showing off our excellent batting skills.  I used to be pretty good, you know.  And by "used to be", I mean when I was 8.

I used 4 tokens.  Then I was tired.  And after 64 pitches, I hit probably a whopping 9 balls.

Phil did much better.  I didn't keep track of how many he hit, but I would guess that out of 128 pitches, he probably only MISSED 9.

Saturday night, we went bowling to celebrate our friend Ian's birthday.  Since the lanes were full when we got there, they gave up some complimentary pool (or billiards, if you will) while we waited.

{I was stripes, that's why there are so many of those.}

Phil whipped the floor with me.  Although I did manage to get in some pretty good and intentional shots.  And I never scratched, which I count as a victory for me.

Then came time for bowling.  Despite having to learn bowling in elementary school (yes, we learned bowling in P.E.), I am not all that good. 

{Cosmic bowling.  With the teenagers and middle-aged people.}

I did have a decent showing though.  95 the first game and 97 the second game.  Phil managed to get a turkey in the 10th frame of our last game.  Show-off.

After our weekend of althetic endeavors, I have decided that Phil is not attracted to me because of my batting, pool or bowling skills.  It must be because I look so cute doing it.  :)

I'm not sure batting, bowling, and pool are the best measures of my althetic ability.  But unless sleeping or sitting can considered a sport, those are as good as it gets.


  1. I'm really really good at sleeping and sitting too.
    we could be great friends.
    xx jes

  2. What a PERFECT weekend! Batting cages then bowling? I know how much I suck at bowling, but I'm curious to see how much worse I am at baseball :) We just moved to a new town but I'm definitely looking into seeing if there's any batting cages here!
    I'm brand new to your blog (SO happy to be following!) so I'm curious why you can't go out for dinner anymore?

  3. these are such awesome ideas for dates! batting cages, i would have never thought of that, how fun! y'all are too cute!

  4. sounds like such a fun weekend!! newest follower :)


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