Monday, April 30, 2012


I am afraid to go to the dentist.

The last 3 times I have gone to the dentist, I have gotten horrible health news immediately following.  Last time I went to the dentist on Monday, found out I had cancer on Tuesday.

I actually moved my dentist appointment last time to try and avoid the inevitable link between my nodule biopsies and my semi-annual teeth cleaning.  But the biopsy ended up being moved a bunch of times, and the two things STILL ended up back to back.  I almost didn't go to the dentist at all, but was told (by several people) that that would be kind of irrational (stupid was actually the word choice I believe).

Now I know the two events aren't actually connected.  The schedule of my teeth cleaning is totally arbitrary and has nothing to do with my other health news.  But since I am currently waiting to hear about my scan results, I am totally freaked out that it also happens to be time to schedule my next dentist appointment.  No matter how irrational it sounds, I really don't want to do it.

Somehow, it has ended up that all of my annual health things are around the same time of year.  It must be because that is when I had time during college.  I don't know.  But my eye exam, skin check, and annual are all in the June/July time period.  Now throw in the endless endocrinology appointments.

And the damn dentist.

I don't want to go.

The dentist I have been seeing just left the practice and even though I really liked him, a part of me was really relieved.  Maybe he took the dentist/bad health news curse with him.  But I am hesitant to test this theory.

I may not go to the dentist until August.


  1. I hate the dentist too!!! Not for the same reasons you do, but I just don't think anyone likes the dentist. Thankfully, I don't need anything done but I am not looking forward to going back at all!

  2. I can't blame you for hating the dentist. For 4 months straight, I got bad news on the 6th of the month. For almost a year afterward, I would hide on the 6th, fearing the worst was coming.

  3. Oh man, if I had that kind of experience, I would probably hate the dentist too :O

  4. I totally feel you! I say: don't avoid it, face it head on! You can get through whatever after already conquering all the rest. Take care of yourself and don't put it off! I'm trying to pump myself up over here, too. I have to visit the oral surgeon to initiate a plan of action for fixing my mouth this week: not.looking.forward to it!

  5. I have always disliked the dentist .. so I don't blame you.

  6. Oh my, I am too. Really bad. And right now I'm having a horrible tooth pain, but actually don't have time to go. I hope you'll get better news this time!!!

  7. I'm only go to the dentist once a year. That's all I can handle.

    Maybe it's irrational, but I would link the two events in my mind too. I say, do whatever you have to in order to break the curse!

  8. I think it's hard to avoid thinking that way when things keep happening together. I would try to avoid tempting fate, too. It's sort of the thinking that the 2 things are probably unrelated, but it can't hurt to just pull them apart.

  9. Whatever you do, don't watch Little Shop of Horrors okay?

    I hope everything will be okay for you and nothing bad happens this time linked with it :(

    Here is my dentist experience

    Visiting from Not a Mommy link up, great to find a new blog!


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