Thursday, April 26, 2012

My rant at Nicholas Sparks

The other night I turned to Phil and said, "Hey remember when I was funny?"

He turned and looked at me with a side-eye and said, "Yeah..."

"That was nice, huh?  Hopefully I will be funny again."

His reply was, "Well, life hasn't been that funny lately."

"True that."

Between the low-iodine diet, the RAGING hypothyroidism, Phil's dissertation and research, and his dad's Liver Cancer, life just hasn't been funny these days.  But I think that is ok.  Life isn't always funny.  The depths of our sorrows are offset by the heights of our joy.  And I find that I am so overly excited about the joy part.  I know it is coming (I hope).  Fall and Winter are needed before Spring and Summer.

I've gotten some new followers over the last couple of months (Hi New Followers!) and sometimes I seriously wonder why you all keep stopping by here.  I kind of think it might be the train-wreck effect.  Everyone loves a good drama now and then and as long as it isn't happening to you, it is ok.  I think that is why Nicholas Sparks is able to keep selling books, because let's be honest... they are all the same*.  Something tragic happens to someone, most likely in North Carolina, and then they find love again.  And then they die (Message in a Bottle, I will never forgive you for that one).

Case and point:
{image found HERE.  I tried to find the original source, but it was buried on tumblr so I gave up.}

4 different Nicholas Sparks books-turned-movies with the EXACT same scene.

I am really terrified my life is a Nicholas Sparks novel.  I don't want to be the set-up for Phil to become the next Nicholas Sparks protagonist.

I should seriously get off this topic.  Phil will read this and tell me how dumb it is to be worried about our life turning into a piece of fiction. (Phil agrees with that statement)  I blame his [Nicholas Spark's] latest movie trailer.

By the way, I know that isn't why you read my blog.  You are wonderful people and I really appreciate all of your support and care.

Ok... topic change.

Since I have felt like GARBAGE lately, the funny things that I DO say aren't really appropriate for the internet.  This is partially because my swearing has gone THROUGH the roof.  It is out of control.  And it is partially the things that I say.  For example:

When the neighbor kids were standing RIGHT next to our windows (like in between the bushes and the windows), I turned to Phil and said, "How have these kids not be kidnapped?"  I wasn't allowed to play in my own front yard as a child.  My mom would had DIED if I was playing in a stranger's yard.

So yeah.  Today is my first day back on my thyroid medicine!!  Can you hear the angels singing?  :)  It is so wonderful to know that this is the worst I should feel for a while.  I know it will take a while for the hormones to build back up in my system, but they are headed in the right direction.

I apologize that this has been totally random.  Eventually I will be able to focus again for longer than my 4-year old nephew.

*I have read like 8 Nicholas Sparks books, so I feel like I can say this with some authority.


  1. i stopped reading N. Sparks books because they are ALL. THE. SAME. I can only read them when i'm in a particularly loving mood or a particularly resentful one. how healthy is that!

  2. Confession, I totally love Nicholas Sparks books.

    If you think your life is closely paralleling one, I say you write your own novel. And then retired off the royalties. Think of all the Old Navy stuff we could buy (did I just say we? I meant you...). Also, you can make sure you like the ending that way :)

    I'm so glad you get to start your medicine again today!! I know it takes a while to kick in, but hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

    Let me know how calling for your scan results goes tomorrow. I am available to stage a sit in at the doctor's office if they aren't quick enough in getting you your info.

  3. I'm one of your new readers and I continue to follow along because I have my own thyroid issues so I feel a strange kinship with an internet stranger since I can't find "normal" people who talk about this stuff. There are some crazy people on message boards. :-)

    Regarding Nicholas Sparks movies - I don't know why the studios continue to give him money. Nothing has come close to The Notebook, which incidentally, I think was one of the only book -> movie adaptations where the movie far exceeded the book's content.

  4. You know...I have a love hate relationship with his books. They're all SO good...except for the fact that they all break my heart in a i-shoulda-seen-it-coming kind of way because they're all the same.

    fyi...our brains work in quite similar ways. ;)

  5. Oh my gosh! They ARE all the same! I have never read any of the books, but I've seen The Notebook...and I really didn't like it. At all. Initially I thought I was the ONLY person in the world who didn't, but apparently not!

    Also, did you ever find out why the kids from next door were hiding in the bushes outside your windows...?

  6. Just letting you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) You can read about it on my blog ...
    Praying for healing and that you see God's faithfulness.

  7. I just watched Nights in Rodanthe for the millionth time. Sadly, out of all the movies to watch in the whole wide world, I desperately craved that one. For me, it's that beach house/inn. That's my dream place. I would love to stay in a place like that. :)

  8. I know nothing about Nicholas Sparks, but please, no, your post is not random and even if it is, random isn't bad. I'm glad you're back with your medicine and that you'll start feeling better soon!!!

  9. Love this post! So true about Nicholas Sparks....every book is the same. Ugh. I too have hypothyroidism. Isn't it a bitch?! I know this post was back in April, are you feeling better since the medication? Girl, I would give anything to have one once of energy. Do you feel the same? I have has this for five years. If you ever have any questions about it or need to vent, please do.

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