Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I've got a certain GLOW

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I am headed to the hospital for what I am calling my "Thyroid Cancer Prison."  I will be in the hospital until my radioactivity levels drop to a level that is deemed safe for the public.  It can take between 18 hours and 3 days.

Everything I take with me into my "cell" has to stay there indefinitely.  They will hold everything I touch for 3 months and then dispose of it.  The room will have a TV and a phone.  No visitors.  And still on the low-iodine diet.  So here is what I am taking:

{Just some of the loot I am trekking to the hospital}
- My mom has been saving me magazines
- Sudoku book
- Crossword puzzle book
- Matched
- Two tennis balls (to play catch with myself)
- Fleece blanket (just a big piece of fabric I got for cheap)
- Socks (my feet get cold)
- Some low-iodine snacks
- A toothbrush (even though they are providing one, I wanted a good one)
- Soap (I won't be able to shower, but I can wash my face)
- Pens
- Phone numbers
- Lemon drops and Green Apple Jolly Ranchers (to help keep my salvatory glands working, a side effect of the RAI)

I had quite a bit of anxiety a couple of weeks ago about this part of the process.  Something about being kept in a hospital room and not being to leave, even if I wanted to.  I am guessing that is what jail feels like (without the yard time).  Or maybe what being committed feels like (without the fun crazies to talk to).

Phil will have my phone and is going to read me any of the comments you guys send me.  If you get a response, it is coming from me via my wonderful husband.  Not sure who is more looking forward to this process being over: me or him?

I've written some posts for the rest of the week, so I hope you will check back.


  1. ah!

    Reallllllly (yes Phil needs to read every one of those l's) hoping and praying you are let out as soon as humanly possible -- not three freaking days. I cannot believe you can't take things in to 'keep' -- but -- they know better than I do.

    Please report your first high iodine meal in all its glory first thing!!!!!!

  2. Thinking of you. Know that people you don't even know are touched because of your story and bravery...

  3. Oh my gosh! This treatment sounds insane! I hope you become un-radioactive very quickly, preferably before you go mad! :)

  4. Oh wow! All the best and I hope everything goes well and your levels come down nice and quickly!!


  5. oh wow-tough! Sounds like you have lots of loved ones around you to keep you in check with all the survival gear...aka magazines! (first time visitor.) robyn

  6. Oh my gosh that sounds really not fun! My mom starts radiation for breast cancer in a week or so, and I am so thankful that hers is outpatient, and she won't have to go into isolation for the duration. I hope that this works for you! I found your blog today through Hollie Takes Notes.


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