Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Phil can't dress himself

Phil has been very distracted recently.  Between taking care of me (which he has done wonderfully) and his research, his mind has been elsewhere.  The poor guy hasn't been coming to bed until 1 in the morning.

Want proof?

He put his socks on the wrong feet.

Apparently Nike socks are SO ADVANCED that they must be on the proper feet.

Didn't realize that you could put socks on the wrong feet unless they were toe socks. 

Remember toe socks?


  1. Yes! I definitely remember having toe socks when I was younger. I wonder if I still have them somewhere. Hmmmm.

  2. i never knew nike socks came with L and R markings!
    maybe manfriend should buy some. perhaps i'll buy them for him.
    i am SICK AND TIRED of finding only one sock here and there.


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