Friday, April 27, 2012

First Date

This weekend is about to get REAL rowdy.  Kind of out of nowhere, Phil got crazy busy.  I'm sure it didn't come out of nowhere, but it kind of did to me.

You mean the world doesn't revolve around me?  Weird.

He's been working super late into the night at home and then getting up really early to head back to campus.  He has to work all weekend.  And we are talking ALL weekend.

Today is the 4th anniversary of our first date.  It was the evening of David's baptism.  We'd been texting each other constantly for like a week and he had been gone all weekend at a friend's beach house.  I went back down to my office on campus to do homework (aka I was just trying to be available in case he "happened" to ask me out for dinner).

Since I was in town and he had just gotten back into town, he asked if I wanted to go to dinner.

Sure.  After all, all that homework I had been doing had made me hungry.  :)

We went to dinner and had a super awkward good-bye in the parking lot.  I don't remember why it was awkward, just that it was.  I called Joanna on my way out of town (since I didn't live in town at the time) to tell her how awkward I had made our parking lot good-bye.  I was prepared to not hear from him for a couple of days because that's how the dating game is played, right?

Before I even got out of town, Phil had already sent me a text message... apologizing for making the good-bye super awkward.

No games.  No 3 day wait.

I think we met for coffee the next day.  We talked/texted/or saw each other every day after that.  We've been pretty inseparable ever since.

I guess two awkwards make a right.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of our first date, I proposed that Phil and I get a quick dinner and come back to our place where we can sit on different couches and do completely different things.  I can watch Big Love while he continues to work.  It will be insanely romantic.  :) 

Gotta love graduate school.


  1. That is awesome! Isaac & I had a couple very awkward dates to The Elsinore for silent/classic movies & things have worked out pretty well for us. Perhaps awkward beginnings are the makings of greatness :)

  2. That's a pretty cute story, even if it was slightly awkward at the beginning. :)


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