Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

I tried calling the doctor's office to see if I could find out the results of my scan.  The doctor was out sick today (of course) so there was no news regarding the scan.

I was pissed.

The day was made even better when I found a metal wire in my lunch (care of the brush we use to clean the grill).  Then I came home and Taylor was all kinds of needy.  After I got her to leave me alone for 5 seconds, I got to spend the next 2 hours listening to her hack up part of her crate blanket that she spent all day eating.  It really is wonderful to hear/watch her hack things up into her mouth and then have her eat it again.


In an effort to cheer me up and distract me, Phil asked me to help him with his data analysis reports.  He had two reams of print-outs that needed to be stapled together.  Each report was 3 pages, so every 3 pages needed to be stapled  together.

{2 reams of paper stapled together.  The glorious life of a graduate's wife.}

I was happy to help and save Phil 2 hours.  At work, this isn't the type of task I would usually do (since it isn't the best use of my time).  But considering the fact that Phil will eventually be a doctor (of philosphy), I will be the least qualified person in our house (with just the master's degree and the engineering license).

Add my stapling experience to the fact that Sunday I bought Phil 12 pairs of the Nike socks he likes, and I gained some MAJOR wife points.


  1. Goodness and I thought I had written a lot of papers! Props to your hubs. And my husband loves brand new socks also! :) praying for your results!

  2. I feel like you need a hug. I'll find some orange from my closet and put it on and then hug you. I know you don't want green and yellow hugging you.

  3. You two are both overqualified to be collating and stapling. I have a paltry Bachelor's... next time, just send it my way ;-). Stupid Doctor's offices, and their tendencies to drag their feet.


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