Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, my family decorates the graves of some of our family members.  This year there were 19 of us. 

Most of my grandpa's family is all buried at the same graveyard and decorating their graves is something my grandma and aunts have done for YEARS.  My parents and I started doing it with them after my grandma died.

{My Aunt Teresas putting together 13 arrangements.}

My great great great grandmother came to the Unites States in the late 19th century from Russia.  I think it is really interesting to learn our family history, and a lot of it is located in the one cemetary.  One of my favorite parts of decorating the graves is explaining to people the funny stories about our family tree.  Let's just say, the branches may run a little parrellel, but they DO NOT CROSS! 

Ok I'll just explain... Three brothers from one family married three sisters from another family.  There were actually four sisters, so one had to marry into a different family.  I wonder if she felt left out or unique.

After we decorate the graves, my dad sets up his tripod and we take a family picture.  Some may think it is a little strange to take a family picture at a cemetary.  Yup... We are weird.  Then we go out for lunch.  This year I got to make our waitress feel SUPER awkward when she asked us if we were celebrating any birthdays and I explained we had been decorating graves.  Good times.

Not all of our family is buried in the same cemetary.  My great great great grandfather is buried in a Pioneer Cemetary located in a Vineyard called Cox Cemetary.  This time, we ran into one of the Cox decendants and she explained a bunch of the history of the cemetary.  We are the decendants of pioneers.  I knew my love of the Oregon Trail Game wasn't unfounded.

{Not a bad view}

{Old Pioneer graves}

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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