Friday, May 4, 2012

Puppy Perspective

A combination of stress and still being hypothyroid are taking a toll on my body.  I had a tension headache for 5 days while I was waiting for my test results.  And even after getting the good results, my body still hasn't been able to relax.  I think I may actually be getting a cold or something now from being so stressed.

I woke up yesterday morning and my entire body hurt.  Neck, back, joints all hurt like crazy.  I finally got out of bed after I got on facebook and saw that the litter we are on the list for a puppy from was being born. 


We were 2nd on the list for girl puppies.  All we needed was 2 girl puppies in the litter.  An ultrasound had been done showing there were 5 puppies in there so the odds were definitely in our favor.  There had to be at least 2 girls in there, right?

I checked and checked and checked facebook all day.  There were no updates.  Finally the breeder called us last night:

4 puppies were born. 3 boys.  1 girl.  No puppy for us.

We are sad, but not too sad.  The breeder has another litter due in about 3 or 4 weeks.  The owner of the sire has dibs on the first girl from that litter, so again we are hoping for at least 2 girls.  If that litter doesn't work out, she has another one due a month after that.  By the end of the summer, we should have a puppy.

Phil and I have decided we aren't really be too disappointed about this though.  Afterall, I did find out my cancer hadn't spread this week.  :)

Overall, we will still count this week as a win.  It's all about perspective, people.


  1. I am so freaking excited that you are getting a puppy.

    1. Also, I realize this won't be for another couple of weeks. BUT STILL.

  2. That's so exciting!!! What kind of puppy are you getting??
    Have a great weekend lady :)

  3. Ahh, puppies are so awesome! Even though it wasn't your turn to get a puppy, when you do it will be the cherry on top :) I've been reading since Hollie featured you on her blog, I just have been one of those silent lurker types since most of the posts really touched me I just had no idea of how to respond. Puppies and good "my cancer hasn't spread" news though? All over it!! Hoping the next litter if the one, I'll have my fingers crossed :)

  4. You do realize that you're going to have to share puppy pictures with us all the second you get her, right?

    Also, just curious - why a girl?

  5. awww puppies grrrr! ohh well...but ps i totally get killer headaches too bah!

  6. Found your blog from the #FF link up! How exciting that you are getting a puppy soon!! I want one.. also happy that you got good news in regard to your health - I really look forward to following along with you :)

  7. Puppies make life so, so happy. My parents are just a few months away from breeding their Golden for the first time. I look forward to helping the puppies get "socialized" before going to their new families.

  8. Puppies make you get that warm feeling inside, now im extremely jealous of you. i want a puppy!!

  9. Yay for puppies, even though I'm a cat person. :)
    No cancer spreading is kind of good too, of course! :P

  10. Awwe, sorry this litter didn't have your little girl! My fingers are crossed that one of the next two litters will finally bring her to you! And it's so good that your cancer is at a stand-still!


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