Thursday, May 17, 2012

TP Problems

The other day, I went into the Ladies' Room to do my lady business.  Without going into too much detail (since this is a post about the bathroom and I don't want to give everyone a mental image here), when I was finished with my business, I looked over to the toilet paper roll and saw this:

There are 2 sheets of single-ply TP on there.

Really ladies???

2 sheets... you can't do ANYTHING with 2 sheets.  You can't even effectively wipe your nose with 2 sheets.

Usually when the roll gets low, someone will put a new roll next to the potty so it is ready when needed.  There was no extra roll this time.  Some lady really dropped the ball here.  Did I mention that there are 4 women in my office?  So it is pretty easy to figure out who the culprit is.

You know life is REAL interesting when you are posting about toilet paper.  Beats cancer posts.  :)


  1. Hahaha... I hate that!! It would fall under my bathroom etiquette posts!!!

  2. If you hadn't have said it was in the women's bathroom, I would have told you that the culprit was Chris.

  3. I don't use toilet paper.

    I'm kidding.

  4. This happens in my house all the time but thankfully not usually the office. I've become so wary of it though that I always peek in to the stall to check the TP status before I even bother using the restroom... The worst thing is being caught off guard with your pants down *shudder*

  5. This post reminds of the Seinfeld episode "you can't spare a square?" "I don't have a square to spare"

  6. Im glad that everything has calmed down enough that you don't have anything more exciting then toilet paper to post about. I whole heartedly agree that this beats cancer posts, and I hope to hear more and more about toilet paper :)

  7. Seriously that is the worst!! Just found your blog woman. Love it. You rock!

  8. LOL oh dear! That is definitely a problem. :P
    Although, it does amuse me that you took a photo of the actual roll. Totally something I would do!

  9. Oh no. I work in an office with 8 women... I think we average 1 roll of tp every 2 days? It's a problem


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