Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello there Gym... It's been a while

Something unexpected happened yesterday afternoon.  After months of absense, countless hours of sitting and resting, and endless minutes of feeling like a blob...

I went to the gym.

In an effort to loosen my very stiff, still tense back muscles I went to yoga.

It was weird.  And hard.  I'm super weak.  The mirrors in the exercise room were very unforgiving.  I feel like my fitness level is back where it was in 2009, which is pretty depressing.

Phil keeps telling me to cut myself some slack.  I have a good excuse.  And he's probably right.

But I need to get back in shape.  Especially since I signed up for the Color Run with Jes and Team Smuppies.

Jes says she isn't much of a runner, but I not much of a mover these days.  Not sure if I could even crawl 3 miles (ok slight exaggeration).

Remember how I used to run half-marathons?

Oh man... I am currently working on lowering my expectations and figuring out a plan for getting back into shape without killing myself.  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. ha im a terrible runner, but good!!

  2. I am not only not much of a runner, I am not much of a walker either. We're in for a treat doing this together :)
    So glad you signed up!

  3. We're doing the Color Run too!! We're team Hue Dat?! But props for going to yoga -- I think I'm going tonight...if you wanted to be brave enough to join me :)

  4. That's Great :) awesome job. And that color run looks and sounds amazing!

  5. Congratulations on going to yoga. Don't worry about getting back in shape right away, it comes in time. I found that leaving my glasses/contacts off when getting back into yoga was the way to go... those mirrors are far more forgiving if you can't see yourself!

  6. Good luck getting back into shape again! The color run looks amazing! Fun! :O


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