Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Surge


It's no joke.

There have been a couple of times I have thought I was bit with the nesting bug.  Now I know, that was nothing compared to the nesting that comes with the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Sleep is a cruel joke.  Not that I don't love 2 to 3 hour naps interupted by the need to empty a tablespoon of urine or simply roll over.  But it hasn't exactly been restful.

The thing about the nesting... it doesn't matter.

Who needs sleep?

By about 6, I'm willing it to be a socially acceptable time for me to get out of bed.

I think I'm starting to scare Phil a little.  Between the stress of cancer and surgeries and hormone imbalances and then pregnancy, I have been my fair share of needy.  The poor guy has done a REALLY great job of taking care of me.  I mean, he makes my lunches for me.  I'm truly a lucky lady.

The past couple of mornings, my early wake-up has given me some free time on my hands.  I've been making my own lunch, helping him make his a little, I made his coffee for him this morning (which he didn't expect so he spilled some of it going to make it himself) and have helped out with the dogs all while getting ready completely not rushed and getting out the door on time.

I know that shouldn't be a big accomplishment, but it definitely hasn't been the norm in our house.

My nesting is taking over at work as well.  I have a mountain of a "To-Do" list I need to get done before my "maternity leave" (you don't quite get normal maternity leave when you are a business owner) starts.  The last couple of days, some of my tasks included putting together calculation packets I had done.  It ended up being a couple hundred pages of folding and about 1,000 pages of paper.

{Yes I instragrammed a stack of paper.  It's because I know you care.}

Once I finished that, I cleaned off my desk so well people thought I had quit or been robbed or something.

No place is safe.

Cotton had better watch out or he will be groomed "show ready" just because I'm bored.


  1. Nesting :D I'm in full blown nesting over here too. That means our babes are almost here!

  2. LOL, your Boyd and mind is ready for this baby girl! You will be ready and organized!


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