Thursday, April 11, 2013


We had what will hopefully be our LAST ultrasound for Baby Janney yesterday.  Laying on your back for 30 minutes with a full bladder while some pushes an ultrasound sensor against your protruding belly is definitely not a fun experience.  And since she spent 25 minutes measure things like his head and he abdomen (and freaking me out by spending like 10 minutes looking at his heart), with approximately 2.5 seconds to get a glance at his face, I had plenty of time to focus on my lack of comfort.

At one point, as she was attempting to measure his femur with her firmly pressured sensor, she proclaimed, "Oh there's his leg bone!"  I'm thinking, "Yeah, he jabs me with it constantly and your currently pressing REALLY hard on it.  I know it's his leg bone."  But I didn't say anything.  Humanity points for me.

But as his Momma, I can proudly boast that he has the cutest little abdomen/femur/head I've ever seen.  And she was able to give us a couple of pictures of his cramped little face.

{He's looking a little cramped in there.  Let's go at least 3 more week, buddy!}

He spent the whole time sleeping (which was probably loads better than punching like he at the last ultrasound) with his hand resting across his forehead.  Phil says I sleep the exact same way.  He's already a little Momma's Boy.  :)

Here's the scary part... they are already estimating that he weighs 6 lbs.  Now I know that is just an estimate and they can be off.  But the perinatologist then mentioned that they usually gain about 0.5 lb per week.  I've got about 6 weeks left.

I'll go ahead and bust out my gigantic engineer's calculator for you... that's a 9 pound baby at full term.

9 pounds!!


I pointed out that my mom had 9 pound babies and the doctor then she hoped I had my mom's pelvis.

That weird comment was followed with, "You'd be surprised what will fit out of there."


Let's just say the natural induction techniques will begin promptly at 37 weeks.  If you have any suggestions about that, I'm more than happy to hear them.  I'll be here, gathering Mexican and Thai food menus.


  1. Wow 9lbs.. a big boy! I hope that everything continues to go well with your pregnancy. Do you have a name picked out?

  2. hahahhaaha @ 'you'd be surprised what will fit in there'.. too funny! here's hoping he comes in slightly under 9lbs!

  3. 9 pounds? Perhaps we should go have BBQ every weekend and make that little puncher 10 pounds :)

  4. This is so cool! He really looks like a real person in there! Good luck, you are getting close!


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