Thursday, April 4, 2013

Early to bed for me

Yesterday afternoon, I felt energized.  I was going to run home and get so many things done, I would marvel at my level of productivity.  I printed off the pattern and instructions for the Boppy slipcover and secretly planned about how I was going to finish BOTH slipcovers AND start on the carseat cover that night.  It would be great.

But then I got home...

And after making THIS for dinner (pickles on the side) and cleaning up the dishes, I was pooped.  Plus I had left my pattern and instructions on my desk.

I really wanted to go to bed at like 8.

I managed to stay up with Phil and the dogs until about 9, at which point after being kicked in the knee/shins of my restless legs by the dogs (plus the daily elbowing of the knee Phil accidentally gives me), I had had it.  I may or may not have immediately stood up and said, "I'm done with all over you!  I'm going to bed."

Phil was a little startled by my sudden outburst and gave a very hesitant, "Ok..." in response.  Then he carefully asked, "Is everything ok?"

"I'm really tired!" I snapped in return.  "I wanted to go to bed at 8."

"Why didn't you?" he asked.

"Cause I didn't want to be anti-social," was my reply.

He then informed me that it would be alright with him in the future if I went to bed when I was tired, rather than have a sudden outburst at him and the dogs.

Good to know.

Anyway... I couldn't stand the thought of not sticking to my "1 a day" goal, so I grabbed my crochet hook and yarn and marched myself to bed, where I started the blanket I wanted to crochet.

An hour and a half later, I had made some serious progress (in my opinion).

So far, the blanket is really cute, thick and soft.  It won't end up being very large, probably about 30" by 40".  I'm thinking when I finish this one, I might made another one, a little smaller.  It would be a perfect carseat blanket.

I'm not a really quick crocheter (not sure that is even a word).  But this pattern is so simple, it was easy to zone out a little and just go with it.  Not to mention, I find it extremely relaxing.  So much so that I brought it to work with me.  I'm hoping to get some more done on my lunch break.

And tonight, I will sit in the recliner, where neither Phil nor the dogs can bump my legs and crochet my little heart out since I don't have to make dinner (cause I don't count putting a frozen pizza in the oven "making" dinner).  I think Phil will also encourage an early bedtime.

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