Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm a Big Girl Now

Even though thyroid cancer isn't in the forefront of our lives right now (thank goodness!), that doesn't mean it is gone for good.  Having no real thyroid to call my own makes for constant monitoring.  Plus, I will have blood tests and ultrasounds done constantly to make sure that my cancer hasn't come back.

My last set of tests turned out GREAT!  But the endocrinologist still wanted to see me one more time before the baby was born to go over what he wanted to do for my thryoid hormones and future testing.

Ever since my nodules were discovered, I have gone to very few doctor's appointments by myself.  I honestly think I went to 3 doctor's appointments by myself since July of 2011.  I suddenly had became extremely afraid of going to the doctor, which I think was understandable. 

So when my endocrinologist wanted to see me again, of course I picked a time that would work not only for my schedule, but Phil's schedule as well.  I knew when I scheduled the appointment that my mom, who usually also offers to go with me, wouldn't be able to go.  But no big deal, I thought.  Phil will be with me.

Fast forward to a few hours before my appointment, and Phil started getting really nervous.  He has a presentation tomorrow, plus he's been helping me with the nursery, plus working around the clock on his dissertation, plus going to birth classes, etc.  He mentioned how much work he still had to do tonight, he shouldn't have signed up for the daddy bootcamp class, he shouldn't have taken a nap this weekend (he really needed the nap).

I decided it was time for me to put my big girl pants on and let him off the hook for my appointment (my doctor is an hour's drive away so the appointment would take up the whole afternoon).

He was very hesitant to accept my offer.  He knows how nervous I have been about going to the doctor and I think he was trying to not fall victim to the very possibly mood swings, so there were several rounds of "Are you sure?" and "You won't be mad?" before he finally accepted.

I must admit I was mildly anxious when I realized I would be going to the doctor on my own.  But I am happy to report that I did fine.  No huge panic attacks.  I got nothing but great news (for some reason I had it in my mind that the second I went to the doctor alone, I would receive bad news.  Totally not crazy, I know).  And Phil was able get enough work done to actually come to bed last night.

But just to be clear, Phil is coming with me to the doctor tomorrow.  Let's not push our luck.

{Totally unrelated picture.  Cotton now thinks he is a cat.}

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  1. :) this post made me happy for you. For lots of reasons. :)


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